Of alternating current machine safeguard with maintain flow

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Of alternating current machine safeguard with maintain: One, 1, in be being checked daily, basically check lubricant system, exterior, temperature, noise, vibration and unusual appearance, the close solid case that examines state of ventilated and cooling system, sliding friction and each part even, make good servy record seriously. 2, among month or every regular examination, basically check device of switch, layout, ground connection to wait to whether have shake a phenomenon, have without damaged place, if have,want to put forward to plan and repair measure, examine dust accumulation case, want to be swept in time, check derivative line and layout to whether have injury and ageing problem. The insulation resistance that checks electromotor winding is recorded. 3, annual examination content removes afore-mentioned items besides, even disintegrate electromotor undertakes the heart is checked smoking, sweep or clean oily dirty, the examination is isolated from 2, the content that safeguards regularly is as follows. 1, Qing Dynasty brushs electric machinery. Baseplate of seasonable cleared electric machinery is external dirt, greasy filth. If use environmental dirt more, had better sweep everyday. 2, examination and Qing Dynasty brush terminal of electric machinery wiring. Whether does screw of wiring of examination wiring box become loose, burn. 3, the examination secures partial screw each, include silk of Gai Luo of the lower margin screw, screw that carry a lid, bearing to wait. Screw the nut that become loose. 4, check gearing, examination leather belt annulus or shaft coupling have without boldness, attaint, installation is firm; Leather belt and its coupling are buckled in good condition. 5, the starting equipment of electric machinery, also want seasonable Qing Dynasty to brush exterior dirt, dirt, wipe touch a head, check each wiring place to whether have burn mark, ground wire is good. 6, the examination of bearing and safeguard. Bearing should be cleaned after use period of time, change grease or lube. Clean the time with oil change, should follow the working case of electric machinery, working environment, clean degree, lubricant is phyletic and calm, half every job 3-6 month, should clean, change grease afresh. Oil is lukewarm taller when, or the electric confidential with ambient conditions difference, more dirt often is cleaned, oil change. 7, the examination of insulation circumstance. The insulation ability of insulating material differs because of dry degree and different, what check electric machinery winding so is dry it is very important. The element such as mordant gas puts moisture of environment of electric machinery work, workshop in, can destroy electric insulation. The commonnest is breakdown of winding ground connection, be isolated from namely attaint, make live part and housing do not answer electrified metallic part photograph is touched, produce this kind of breakdown, affect electric machinery to work normally not only, still can endanger person security. So, electric machinery in use, answer to often check insulation resistance, notice to examine ground connection of electric machinery housing even reliable. 8, besides undertaking be maintenanced regularly to electric machinery by a few afore-mentioned content, after moving one year, should heavy repair. The purpose of overhaul depends on, have complete, comprehensive examination to electric machinery, safeguard, supplementary electric machinery is lacked, tatty component, the dirt of inside and outside of comb-out electric machinery, contamination, examine insulation case, clean bearing and inspect its wear out condition. Discover a problem, handle in time. CNC Milling