Machining field ambient conditions

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3. A of ambient conditions of treatment of spare parts of machinery of 1 general hardware) undertake machining below normal temperature. B) indoor illuminance ≥ 75IXc) noise ≤ 80dB3. Environment of work of 2 cold punch: A) undertake machining below normal temperature; Have good ventilated requirement. B) indoor illuminance, on compressor, on, between lower mould perpendicular make the same score illuminance ≥ 75IX with water. C) noise ≤ 90dB. 3. The ambient conditions that 3 nicety machine: A) indoor temperature 5 ℃ of 22 ± . B) indoor illuminance ≥ 75IX. C) 70dB of indoor noise ≤ . D) indoor and opposite commentate read 40 ∽ 70% . Machining of 4 spare partses is general technology 4. By the side of 1 arris: A) by the side of the arris of every spare parts, need holds acute edge, must be being designed or make clear in craft blueprint, b) in the design, the requirement did not make clear in craft blueprint, 1 requirement pours wine cup or all pour a circle by the watch, not edge of acute of be patient of. In the watch pours wine cup by the side of 1 arris or pouring a circle to be worth two-phase adjacent edge short edge dimension (A or B) pour horn to pour ≤ of Bx20%>b of ≤ of Ax20% of ≤ of Bx20% of ≤ of Ax20% of ≤ of ≤ B of round remarks CC1RR1 1. 2C) no matter be to hold acute edge, pour wine cup or pour a circle, round, all not be patient of is new, old burr exists. Did not set in special drawing when checking burr with the tool such as magnifier or tool microscope, uniform range estimation. 4. 2 an internal angle pour horn to reach a circle designing a file, in craft blueprint, an internal angle that did not make clear a requirement presses a watch 2 regulations. Express 2 an internal angle to pour horn and round Mma1, a2 or BR or C clamp, grinding machines clamp, ≤ is machined beyond grinding 3 ≤ 0. 4 ≤ 0. 6 ≤ of 2>3 ∽ 0. 5 ≤ 0.

3>6 ≤ 0. 6 ≤ 0.

354. 3 A rolling a flower) surface roughness of the surface before rolling a flower not prep above B) the dimension before the D of dimension of place rolling a flower that did not make clear all is spent to boil. 4. 4 designs file, in craft blueprint, the whorl that did not make clear a requirement 4. 4. 1 not crackle of be patient of. 4. 4. 2 when exterior surface roughness not prep above 4. 4. 3 injury A) the dent that be being produced or arises in process of have a change of luck or cave, its deepness must not be in corresponding ply more than (T) or diameter (D1, d2, d3) 3% of dimension, but cannot exceed 0 greatly most. 25 millimeter, dent or cave area summation, must not exceed 5% what be in area area, and cannot affect performance characteristics (if whorl is twisted,enter, cooperate, fixed position) . B) in production or process of have a change of luck, the abrade with slight be patient of or cut, its deepness must not be in corresponding ply more than (T) or diameter (D1, d2, d3) 2% of dimension, must not exceed 0 greatly most. 15 millimeter. 4. 4. The sodden tooth of the generation in production of 4 sodden teeth, affecting twist the condition that receive to fall, press a watch 3 processing. Express 3 sodden teeth to encircle number to contact length L function to use a method to allow to rot the tooth encircles several N to rot the tooth always rots 6p does not allow when 6p of tooth L ≤ continuously < adjust when L ≤ 10p 1 join of ≤ of 1/2n of glue solid ≤ , stop move, tighten 2 link of ≤ of solid glue solid, stop move, close solid is dismountable ≤ 1.

5L > adjust when 10p glue solid ≤ 1.

5 join, stop move, tighten 3 link of ≤ of solid glue solid, stop move, close solid is dismountable ≤ 2 note: P is pitch. 4. 4. 5 public errand take the position and accuracy class, following processing should press when blueprint did not make a provision: A) inside whorl presses 6Hb) outside whorl presses 6h4. 4. 6 whorl ending (L) , the shoulder is apart from (A) , pour wine cup (C) , reach whorl blank (N) by the watch 4 regulations express 4 whorl ending, the shoulder is apart from, pour horn and blank MmLacn ≤ 2. 5p ≤ 3p (0. 8 ∽ 1. 1) P ≥ 2pp is pitch, c is horn basic measure, do not contain tolerancepublic errand, n ≥ 2p, but must be blind aperture. 5 designs file, the cold stamping workpiece that procedure did not make clear a requirement 5. 1 strong cut into parts (contain cut out unwanted material) the clipping of A) wire, two sorrowful allow section shears a mouth bosomy protruding or squash, but go the dimension after burr, must be less than or be equal to the biggest diameter of material regulation. B) the others presses Q/RY. J0561-91 " cold punch standard " . 5. 2 curve an A) drawing area to see " cold punch standard " , the scale record that nature of be patient of produces. B) be patient of is flat, close, even model imprints. C) the others presses Q/RY. J0561-91. 5. 3 pull deep an A) not wavy of be patient of rouses protruding, bouffant phenomenon. B) be patient of is flat, close, even model imprints C)A area 6) be patient of does not have the rule or have the law before instinctive quality of working procedure surface exists, 30% what Dan Bihou does not allow to be less than ply of the raw material that take a plant. D) the others presses Q/RY. J0562-91 " press deep standard " . 5. 4 cold mound A) raw material not crackle of be patient of. B) mound thick place is circumjacent, be patient of is irregular appearance. Periphery of C) end panel allows hairiness to prick, burr ply is more than 0. 04 millimeter. D) circumferential surface, not be patient of is transverse crackle. E) not be patient of of thick place of mound of F) of crackle of edge of edge of be patient of is slight fore-and-aft, afferent crackle, crack length and amount press a watch 5, express 6 regulations, but crack length (E) do not allow pay tribute 0. 6 millimeter. Express 5 contact kind crack length and quantitative crack length (E) for the diameter (D) diploid E ≤ 0. 1dE > 0. 10 ∽ 0. 15dE > 0. 15 ∽ 0. 20d crackle amount () 321 watches 6 rivet kind crack length and quantitative crack length (E) for the diameter (D) diploid E ≤ 0. 15dE > 0. 15 ∽ 0. 20dE > 0. 2 ∽ 0. 25d crackle amount () 4325. Flange of the aperture inside 5 whorl A) be patient of is dentate. B) should diffuse rate D2/d0 ≤ 3 when, not crackle of be patient of. C) should diffuse rate D2/d0 > 3 when crackle of be patient of. 6 vibration act the role of the design that reachs light is whole to be used in the spot solely, craft file, deal with what did not make clear a requirement by following principles: 6. 1 metalloid spare parts does not allow to undertake light is rectified be actinged the role of solely reaching. 6. 2 metals spare parts: A) divide thin and weak part (like deflector kind) , be afraid of knock against spare parts (like crust kind) , especially valuable spare parts (be like gold, platinic contact kind) substandard. The others spare parts, in principle must press Q/RY. J0571. 1-95 " light of metallic spare parts makes treatment standard " or Q/RY. J0571. 2-96 " oscillatory light acts the role of a standard " undertake light is rectified or act the role of solely, b) arris edge, range estimation of edges and corners, do not look to give hairiness to prick, or feel is not cut, bencher can. C) oscillatory light is acted the role of or smooth whole deoxygenate changes a skin, go rustily etc, must see the metal is ecru. D) when L and L1 dimension qualification, the Mao Gen E that be patient of falls off no longer) not F of burr of side of be patient of) not be patient of exceeds dimension public errand (Δ ) or form tolerancepublic errand (R) mound thick phenomenon 6. 3 the others press Q/RY. J0571. 1-95 reachs Q/RY. J0571. 2-96 CNC Milling