"Dark achieve " the athletic controller application on machine tool of emery wheel cut

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Background is current, a lot of manufacturing business oneself that make equipment have certain opportunity process capability, can machine all sorts of profile according to the requirement of the design at any time, the cut that exemple as usual sees and starting a hole are waited a moment. Treatment means nothing more than mix artificially lathe. By what undertake operating artificially, not only take time is arduous, and the precision that assures treatment very hard as a result of factitious element and consistency; And the lathe cost with automation higher rate is exorbitant, be in very hard in miniature equipment production gains ground in business, the because this is low cost, high-powered, treatment machine tool that turns independently can satisfy certain market need necessarily. Of article introduction is with the electric machinery when benefit the company is used have a brand oneself ' dark achieve ' the machine tool of emery wheel cut with an efficient economy that athletic controller SC-D228 and system of servo electric machinery offer for the client dominates program. 2.

Challenging control system and transmission system is the key of precision of machine tool of the impact is full cut, when the program that offerring whole set for the client not only should consider cost and performance, and convenient and the treatment genre with contented and strict working procedure, flexible need, quick operation, careful safety is on guard etc. 3.

Plan basis machines the requirement of craft, the main shaft electric machinery of transmission part (call emery wheel electric machinery below) use servo electric machinery, need to control its rotate speed only can. And the electric machinery that dominates emery wheel advance and retreat (call feed electric machinery below) , because its speed demand is not high, but precision and rigid demand are higher, because this uses servo electric machinery,match reducer to drive control of ball guide screw. Control is used partly " dark achieve " athletic controller SC-D228. This motion controller can control 2 axes, frequency of highest pulse output is in 10KHz above, take LCD to show machine of screen square somebody who happens to be on hand for an errand speaks oneself, the communication means of RS485 can join with servo directly, net of interference rejection, group, remote transmit wait for an advantage to want the athletic controller with far average outclass. What differ with the controller that undertakes simple process designing with face plate operation is, "Dark achieve " athletic controller SC-D228 uses as same as PLC programming language, can ask to undertake on the PC the download after process designing arrives inside controller according to the client's specific use beforehand, broke general campaign controller to be able to apply at the tradition of single trade only, autonomy and versatility are stronger. Go up a machine use SC-D228 motion controller, electric machinery of feed of the control after electrify is moved with the hand or automatic means returns origin, wait to dictate feed arrives working station, after the treatment condition such as contented oil pressure, aspiration, shield, electric machinery of the emery wheel that start, begin to machine, the go back after finishing is versed in wait to issue a statement. The working status of servo, the oil cylinder of workpiece clamp, the shield of whole equipment waits a series of measure a moment to need controller in whole treatment process real time monitoring, when occurrence problem jockey in time, electric machinery restoration. 4.

When difficulty is designing machine of emery wheel cut, considering need random revises the rotate speed of emery wheel electric machinery, because this needs to give on the interface of athletic controller SC-D228,show, can revise at any time. Original plan controls the rotate speed of emery wheel electric machinery with the form of pulse, considering a few demand of the spot, the RS485 that decides to use athletic controller to be taken oneself finally and main shaft servo connect the means of dispatch to undertake timing directly, control not only so more agile and convenient, and cast off the practice that because of revising an electron feet annulus compares corresponding slowdown to control precision, the physical join between each component goes to the lavatory more simply also. In addition, the load when emery wheel electric machinery drives emery wheel idling and cut profile is different, when emery wheel just is contacted with profile, to servo electric machinery character load is right now choppy, the biggest to the concussion of electric machinery, profit from " dark achieve " the performance with communication servo good electric machinery, this problem gets perfect solve. Feed axis is in arrive from origin labour, end to cut profile again, although traversal speed is different, but the positional control in whole process asks very accurate. Electrify seeks the course of origin, the worker worker that assures feed axis constant. Feed axis is used and reducer of gear of planet of nicety of series of PS of the electric machinery when benefit can assure servo electric machinery to maintain stable rate and positional precision below the low speed, case that becomes laden. 5.

Benefit fact proves, no matter be " dark achieve " athletic controller SC-D228 or its communication servo and reducer, function and precision can satisfy an accuracy to ask machine tool of taller emery wheel cut, at the same time this plan has very great promotion value, OK and extensive to the equipment of other and industry applying, for instance planar drilling machine is mixed grinder, and spray machine, pull bag of machine to wait a moment. Outspread come, this controller still can control the positional control of an axis again, will come true so most the control of 3 axes, buy of two position of axle and a control of axial speed, applied field will be more extensive. SC-D228 the system of simple and easy numerical control as a low cost, high autonomy, flexibility, stability, and good technical support makes its oneself has very large competition dominant position, receive wider application. CNC Milling