The application that GALIL motion controls a product to go up in machine of water efflux cut

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The system summarizes this machine tool is by personal computer pilot the cut machine of gush water or gush abrasive. The material of a lot of sort includes enough cut of function of water efflux cut 6 feet of thick billet, expanded plastics, plastic, and stone material is waited a moment. Treatment workpiece is put to be on a dormant plane, it is normally in underwater. With high pressure stream arrives the material with abrade redundant take out later, had stepped the product that burnish is over. A of water efflux cut distinct advantage is cut need not undertake machining again after working procedure. The appearance of need is the picture in preexistence CAD normally good, change into motion of XY of water efflux shower nozzle next. Machine of water efflux cut always shares 3 axes: Two axes have the campaign on X direction with the means of dragon door, y axis and X axis coordinate motion, trace a proper pattern. The key of machine of water efflux cut depends on pair of XY the positional along with of two axes cooperates accurately to speed and acceleration pilot. The harmony of XY position goes out to depicting is very main factor for right way, because they can affect the quality of cut and cut width. Another main factor is successive movement. Once start the campaign of way of work of machine tool edge, normally we do not hope it stops, because may bring about the abrasion of workpiece blame apiration so. 2.

Ask an a few requirements of paragraph of control system that summed up above description. ⑴ .

3 axes (XYZ) , have on axis of X, Y, ⑵ of retrorse spacing switch.

XY axis linkage follows ⑶ of 2 dimension method.

X axis and Z axis linkage, in order to realize ⑷ of dragon door system.

Define the method ⑸ of XY through CAD.

Graphical user interface -- the user chooses design from inside list of a design -- can be shown to come by the design of pitch on -- begin to pushbutton downloads method controller and begin implement method CNC Milling