Restrain the frequency noise of high frequency transformer

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High frequency transformer the appeal between core of EE or EI magnetism, can make two magnetism core produces displacement; Winding electric current mutual the gravitation between or repulsion, also can make coil produces deflection. In addition, periodic deformation can be brought about when sufferring mechanical vibration. Afore-mentioned elements all can make high frequency transformer gives out frequency noise when the job. 10W the following sheet piece the frequency noise frequency of switch power source, it is 10kHz ~ 20kHz about. To prevent magnetism opposite displacement arises between core, make agglutinant with epoxy resin normally, 3 interface two magnetism core (contain newel) undertake sticking receiving. But the effect of means of this kind of rigid join is not ideal. Cannot reduce frequency noise because of this to lowest, besides agglutinant is overmuch, magnetism core breaks off easily still when sufferring mechanical stress. Abroad uses a kind recently special " vitreous bead " (Glassbeads) agglutinant, come the ferrite magnetism core of the type such as agglutinate EE, EI, the effect very beautiful. This kind of agglutinant is a vitreous bead and ankylose content according to 1: The mixture that the scale of 9 is made up and becomes, it places 1h in the temperature environment of 100 ℃ above can solidify. Its action and ball bearing have some kind of similar place, core of every magnetism after solidify still can be independently inside little scope generation deformation or shift, and total position is changeless, this removed inhibition to deformation. Use vitreous bead agglutinant to stick interior of received high frequency transformer. Use this kind of craft to be able to reduce frequency noise 5dB. The screen of high frequency transformer is the leak magnetic field that avoids high frequency transformer to cause interference to photograph adjacent circuit, can surround one sheet copper in transformer exterior, this screen belt is equivalent to short circuit annulus, can remove inhibition to leak magnetic field, screen belt should put through with the ground. CNC Milling