The hand moves a processing factory to still have the market

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Deny none, machine tool of computer number control is the tool with highest productivity of aircraft processing factory, but a lot of managers and owner say, hand motive bed still holds position in aircraft processing factory, some aircraft processing factory does not have any automatic machine tools, and only the hand uses a machine tool, however still gain. In January 2007 " American machinist magazine " win about the editorial of this theme came a lot of readers write back, especially those manufacturer that have hand motive bed only. Accordingly, we decide continuity of adversary motive bed uses a circumstance to undertake investigating. This kind of circumstance did not involve the phenomenon with new old comparative school. However, its key depends on be being had in at hand find out in equipment it is the task, OK to suit to machine most the machine tool that achieves optimal result, the manufacturer that no less than uses CNC machine tool has him spare parts of specific special skill and batch are same. The manufacturer that uses hand motive bed only is such also. Factory of machine tool of gram of handkerchief of Parkcr Machine Works LLC() , machine tool of Sterling Machinc(pound) reach Apparatus Repair&(Engineering Inc.

(Equipment maintenance and engineering company) it is 3 aircraft processing factories that use hand motive bed only, service at different market. They all because of same the reason uses hand motive bed: When the spare parts machines batch to go to two only, efficiency of hand motive bed is highest, can manage its business. Ed Taddeo of factory owner of plant of handkerchief gram machine tool says " I do not object CNC, but the business that pursues to us, CNC equipment won'ts do. " this factory is located in division collect to help city of much city Grand Junction, service object has carry (large lorry) , cubic meter of earth carries car. Oil field industry. This factory is run by 2 people. Have bed of 40 hands motive, include lathe, establish planer, grinder and boring milling machine to wait, can make industry spare parts and undertake repairing operation. The factory machines two spare partses one week occasionally, can machine 10 occasionally, because the spare parts is very complex occasionally. If some adds workpiece batch to be 20, so Taddeo considers as large quantities of quantities, the likelihood gives other plant its subcontract. The treatment object of the factory is commonly 1 or 2 massive spare parts, heft 2 occasionally.

72 tons (6000 pounds) , need machines special key slot or boring is as deep as 1524mm(5 foot) aperture. Taddeo says " do not know below the part that wants treatment has what feature, because this must have a lot of different machine tools. Although the machine tool is very old, but they are very big, large part is the market that we are good at. We are the can receive this kind of work exclusively manufacturer on our region town. " similar, the president Tony Gatto of the Sterling Machine that is located in city of indiana city Cedar Lake also so say, he says every part that completes because of the factory is different, need different machine tool, because this is in his factory, the machinist that the machine tool compares manipulator bed is much. He says: "If you are every time amount of spare parts treatment is 1 or 2 hand moves a processing factory. So you must have a large number of machine tools, because you do not know forever,can process what kind of work after all later. " he complements at the same time, he all machine tools not lose money in business. This factory always shares 7 people, have bed of 15 hands motive, the spare parts that waits through maintenance or machine of production punch, cold forging and body of a powerful person. Can receive weight not to exceed 4.

54 tons (10, 000 pounds) spare parts, and the workpiece of 90% does not have blueprint. Factory of machine tool of gram of handkerchief of Parker Machine Works() the hand uses treatment mostly dimension big, weight is tall, the amount is connected the factory has one only or two. In Sterling Machine, the amount is moved for 9 hand add workpiece to include treatment to drive brace newly, the diameter of spare parts of such as graphic representation is 101.

6mm(4 inch) , length is 2692.

4mm (106 inch) . Apparatus Repair&Engineering(equipment is repaired and engineering company) rely on bed of large hand motor-car to undertake machining. Last year, factory consign 354 workpiece. Among them some of spare parts is comprised by many components, because this Gatto says a part,number may is close to 600. He still says, their factory often with mark of CNC processing factory contest, general metropolis wins the bid. How do Gatto does not have specific him specification accomplish this, point out however, having bed of large scale computer is a crucial factor. For example, one of lathe of the factory, the dimension between the tip amounts to 3048mm(10 foot) . The amount has 1 only or 2 treatment task is the spare parts of difficult treatment normally, because this is located in the Apparatus Repair of city of Maryland city Hagertown&Engineering(equipment is repaired and project) the company is in busy condition from beginning to end. If Parker Machine Works reachs Sterling M Achine, equipment is repaired and engineering company also retains in his workshop a large number of all sorts of hand motive beds. The company sells, repair and serve to be mixed at electric machinery relevant equipment. Arrive from electronic face plate pump, all-embracing. 2006, this company total sales that has 26 stuff reachs 3.5 million dollar. Workshop director is called Dave Hose, a be this company advanced aircraft builds division. The workshop basically is transformed and machine electric machinery bearing the crankshaft that reach report. The factory has a hand to use common lathe, diameter of some the biggest circumgyrate amounts to 38 inches. Hose and workshop are other 3 people are opposite first bearing the surface undertakes new nap, press into steel lining then, next Che Chengcheng tastes dimension. The axis to attaint, workshop or treatment is new -- if if electric machinery is right the client is enough and important, or undertakes repairing. Repairing an axis when, hose and his at hand uses spray metallization technology or welding rod solders the surface that pattern has helped damage, machine the surface final measure next. Or, the axis that their cut away damages is carried, solder in this position a short axis, machine its the dimension of need next. Equipment repairs and the president Denver Weigel of engineering company says: "Because spare parts of major electric machinery reachs his to damage each other differ completely,our workpiece does not suit to be machined with CNC machine tool is. " he complements again: "The electric machinery that general and electric, Reliane and Ximen Zisheng produce for example, external dimension is not identical, repair them to will need to undertake new process designing to every electric machinery on CNC machine tool so. In this paragraph of time that writes program of axis of treatment electric machinery on CNC machine tool, our person has moved a machine tool to come out its rough machining with the hand. " equipment is repaired and every engineering company month machines about 400 spare partses, the hand moves treatment area to return the other department of dynamoelectric to transforming electric machinery component to provide support. In addition, say according to Hose, the chance of congener electric machinery like dimension and frame structure are being encountered in time of a few months is very little. The factory still has test and balance to transformed electric machinery. Maintain competitive momentum so in the situation that cannot choose advanced CNC machine tool and automation, how are factory of factory of handkerchief gram machine tool, pound machine tool and equipment maintenance and engineering company to raise its to make rate of progress in order to win more business? To them 3, without one exception, the answer is on tool, although handkerchief overcomes machine tool place to use cutting tool 90% it is off-the-peg, but the factory still uses newest cutting tool technology likely. Factory of pound machine tool and equipment maintenance and engineering company also are such. The Weigel of equipment maintenance and engineering company says: "We raise yield through using the cutting tool technology that can improve technology continuously. " their company sale increased 35% last year, he is attributed to this part company hand to move the addition of the improvement of technology of job shops cutting tool and hand. CNC Milling