The account that a fracture of wire in machining a process takes in reachs a means of settlement

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: Problem of fracture of wire is medium all the time one of walking along silk thread cut to machine serious problem.

It makes machine halt and must begin from the beginning, waste a large number of man-hour, destroyed the integrality that machines a face, increased to realize the difficulty that unmanned operation machines, the further progress of craft of silk thread cut goes in block up.

Accordingly, craft of silk thread cut goes to study a medium main task in studying the reason of fracture of wire and the method that prevent fracture of wire are domestic and international all the time. The hot load that the immediate cause of the reason fracture of wire of fracture of wire is input clearance increases and went up centrally, and origin is treatment process is not stable.

What since the origin of fracture of wire is,machine a process is not stable, so the signal that does not stabilize according to machining a process, take effective measures to make enter steady state as soon as possible, just be from go up at all the method that overcomes problem of fracture of wire.

1, pulse power source is medium the main component that takes machine tool of silk thread cut, be what treatment of silk thread cut takes in the influence is the most crucial set one.

Silk goes in high speed in silk thread cut going to machine in means, electrode silk move back and forth is used, if its occurrence loss can affect treatment precision directly, the probability of fracture of wire still can increase when loss is bigger, accordingly, power source of pulse of silk thread cut goes to should be had in make electrode silk low loss performance.

2, cooling system. When the cooling system that cuts a machine tool to go up when the line is not perfect, the cooling fluid when treatment splatters everywhere along with electrode silk motion, in entering less than cutting to seam, go, electrode silk cannot get cooling adequately, easy cause electrode silk to be burned.

In actual in cooling system should be examined before walking along silk thread cut to machine perfect.

3, orgnaization walking along silk. The vibration of silk of the electrode in silk thread cut going to machine in is like is a spindle, intermediate oscillatory range is big, both ends is small, if vibration is caused this poor value exceeds limit of electrode silk flexibility, can cause fracture of wire.

Accordingly, improve the production quality of whole orgnaization walking along silk, electrode silk uses   of   of constant tension   4, the degree of degree of tightness of molybdenum silk. If molybdenum silk installation is too loose, criterion molybdenum silk shakes fierce, can cause fracture of wire not only, and as a result of molybdenum silk shake surface roughness of surface of immediate impact workpiece. But molybdenum silk also cannot be installed too closely, too close internal stress increases, also can cause fracture of wire, because this molybdenum silk is in cut process, degree of its degree of tightness wants proper, the molybdenum silk of new setup, want to tighten filar rework first, do not want forcibly when close silk too big. After molybdenum silk is machining period of time, become as a result of the drawing of oneself loose. Become when stretchy amount is larger, vibration of silk of meeting aggravate molybdenum or occurrence molybdenum silk overlap on canister of lay aside silk. Make silk flabby and cause fracture of wire. Answer to often check the rate of degree of tightness of molybdenum silk, if be put in flabby phenomenon, want seasonable and taut. Molybdenum silk is installed. Molybdenum silk should be circled on canister of lay aside silk by formulary trend, secure two end at the same time. When circling silk, two end leave canister of general store silk each 10mm, circle among do not overlap completely, the in part that tube length of not less than lay aside silk spend width, lest electric machinery inverting is frequent and make parts quickens attaint, also prevent molybdenum silk shares cut often and fracture of wire. Silk of the molybdenum on the machine tool brings provenance to have the club that block silk, the club that block silk is the oriented pillar that makes by two ruby, block a marvellous unlike guide pulley to make scroll motion in that way, they are contacted with molybdenum silk directly, make sliding friction. Because this wears away very fast, use the place that before long cylinder and molybdenum silk contact to be able to form deep trench, must be checked in time and undertake retroflexion and changing, can appear otherwise the fracture of wire that fold silk. 5, carry silk orgnaization, the carry silk orgnaization that chance of silk thread cut takes in basically is by lay aside silk canister, line wearing and guide pulley are comprised. When the precision when carry silk orgnaization drops (basically be transmission bearing) , the radial that can cause canister of lay aside silk beats with axial change is moved. The radial and jumpy meeting of canister of lay aside silk makes the tension of electrode silk is reduced, cause a pine, serious when can make molybdenum silk is pulled from the emergence in guide pulley chamfer. The axial change of canister of lay aside silk is moved can make discharge silk not divide evenly, generation folds filar phenomenon. The spare parts such as the axis of canister of lay aside silk and bearing often produces gap because of wearing away, cause silk easily also to shake and fracture of wire, because this must change in time,tatty axis is mixed the spare parts such as bearing. When inverting of canister of lay aside silk, if did not cut off high frequency power source, can bring about molybdenum silk to be inside short time temperature is exorbitant and burn molybdenum silk, whether be because this must check the journey switch of back end of canister of lay aside silk, out of order. Should hold canister of lay aside silk, pilot wheel rotational and agile, can cause carry silk system when motion going there and back otherwise oscillatory and fracture of wire. The sky after circling silk carries silk to examine whether does molybdenum silk shake, if happen,shake should analyse a reason. The spacing link stopper of back end of canister of lay aside silk must have been adjusted, avoid lay aside silk the canister develops spacing stroke and fracture of wire. The link stopper in the device that block silk and the molybdenum silk contact that move quickly, attrition, easy generation groove causes clip silk to be pulled, because this also needs,change in time. Of guide pulley bearing wear away precision of seal wire of will immediate impact, in addition, when the V of guide pulley chamfer, gem the groove of the generation after spacing piece, electric conduction piece wears away, also can make the attrition power of electrode silk too great, pull molybdenum silk easily. This kind of phenomenon happens in the machine tool to use time commonly the circumstance that orgnaization of silk of thicker, carry clears not easily finishs work of longer, treatment. Because this is used in the machine tool in the precision that should check carry silk orgnaization regularly, change in time easy wear away. 6, workpiece material: To be not being hit via forge, do not quench material, in in microtherm temper had better be used to eliminate internal stress before walking along silk thread cut to machine, because if the internal stress of workpiece is done not have,get elimination, when cut, some workpiece are met craze, touch molybdenum silk; Some meetings make clearance is out of shape, place molybdenum silk or play. In silk thread cut going to machine in be like steel of the T8 after quenching to be in, reach easy cause fracture of wire to be used less as far as possible. When material of cut thick aluminium, because discharge bits difficulty, electric conduction piece wears away bigger, the attention changes in time workpiece holds clip: Although in the workpiece in walking along silk thread cut to machine a process gets force minimum, but still need firm clamp work, in preventing to machine a process, change because of work place cause fracture of wire to want to as a result of,avoid at the same time of workpiece self-prossessed be out of shape with the flexibility of workpiece material the fracture of wire that cause. When processing massiness work, can be about to end in treatment when, with magnet grip will finish falling work, perhaps protect the work of whereabouts artificially, make its parallel and slow whereabouts prevents fracture of wire thereby. 7, discharge parameter choice is undeserved also be a when cause fracture of wire main reason, want to choose reasonable electric parameter according to workpiece ply so, pull open pulse interval a few, be helpful for the eduction of fused metal particle, at the same time peak value electric current and sky carry voltage to should not be exorbitant, make individual pulse energy greatens otherwise, cut speed is accelerated, easy generation discharges centrally and pull arc, cause fracture of wire. Ordinary air carries voltage to be 100V left and right sides. In electric spark treatment, electric arc discharge is the main factor that causes negative pole to corrode attaint, plus clearance improper, make some pulse forms electric arc discharge easily, want electric arc discharge to center a paragraph at some only, can cause fracture of wire. Choose suitable discharge space according to workpiece ply: Discharge clearance cannot too small, produce short circuit easily otherwise, also go against the eduction of refrigeration and electric corrode content; Discharge gap is too big, influence surface surface roughness and treatment speed. When cut ply when greater work, answer to choose wide electric current of big arteries and veins as far as possible, at the same time discharge clearance also wants a bit bigger, grow and enhance the result that discharge bits, increase the stability of cut. Walk along machine tool of silk thread cut and craft to take effective measures from which, silk thread cut goes to machine a process to enter steady state as soon as possible in making, again complementary the preventive measure with foreboding of fracture of wire, can prevent fracture of wire not only, and can raise treatment rate further. Origin: Limited company of equipment of numerical control of Ma of Suzhou city treasure CNC Milling