New-style milling technology

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A kind of new-style machine tool achieved the combination of milling and turning technology, still can satisfy an user to be made to nicety at the same time and the requirement of efficient treatment. Now, the client of two kinds of types is worth machine tool supplier to try to pay close attention to: One kind is requirement speed, another kind is the special machine tool of demand heavy cut. Depending on the core competition ability of milling machine technology, the company of Deckel Maho Pfronten that regards Jitemaiji as one of round members is had in the high speed milling, latest technology that exceeds accurate cutting and heavy cut domain. Also be based on this, it is very perfect that the existing typical product photograph inside the new generation milling machine that development of company of Deckel Maho Pfronten comes out and industry is compared, these new machine tools realized the combination of milling and turning technology to already received wide application. In addition, this company still developed a lot of strokes 600 ~ 3400mm, bulk amounts to 16m3 exceed large machine tool. Graph a 1 example that is product of this company machine tool and its application, through two machining center of high-powered type of production revealed mill to process the agile application of the machine tool to people. This is a typical trend that makes industrial progress now, namely: While to product quality the demand rises, shorten the production cycle of the product. The Duo-BLOCK machine tool of tall stability of Duo-BLOCK machine tool is a of milling domain very great progress. This kind of new-style machine tool had an independent lathe bed to show extremely high dynamic performance, also can obtain taller precision when milling. While such machine tool structure realized 5 treatment and 5 axes to be in treatment, move -- 5 axes 5 linkage. All these general purpose machine tool all do not need to set any special foundation, accordingly, the installation of achievable inside very short time equipment throws production. The DMU-P series of Duo-BLOCK is had from 800 ~ 1600mm differs 4 kinds in all the machine tool of the journey can offer an alternative. These machine tools apply to the standard application of 5 treatment, undertake workpiece installation can be finished almost all treatment tasks. The varied option that the machine tool has facilitates the user undertakes changing one's costume or dress according to his treatment demand. This kind of 5 treatment machine tool has 3 kinds of different axis combination, include special CNC to control a function. The 5th axis can serve as A axis to also can regard B as the axis already, or by rotate the runner shaft coming back of type workbench regards B as the axis. The gear case transmission that B axis can use a torque to be as high as 1100Nm even (5X Torque-MASTER) , the knife library that another important facet is this machine tool can accommodate 360 cutting tool. The core component of this machine tool includes milling head, rotate workbench and rotate the swivel of workbench is produced in Pfronten research and development, the other composition part of the machine tool also is purchased in German churchyard. The control system of the machine tool can control 5 axes to move continuously at the same time, its locate precision can amount to 8 μ M. All machine tools install stock Hai Dehan and Xi Menzi's most advanced CNC to control a system. Besides DMU-P series 5 axes outside machining center, company of Deckel Maho Pfronten still has the DMU series machine tool that is based on Mono-BLOCK orgnaization to design a concept, length of its linear journey is 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm respectively. These gaining ground model the milling that the machine tool can use at all types works, precision level is identical, but speed level differs somewhat. The lathe bed of the machine tool is not double form of characters or letters, rectify form of characters or letters however. All-purpose machining center of the concept of Mono-BLOCK structure design of Pfronten is exclusive one makes the milling machine that come out on European production line. Regard a standard as configuration, this machine tool is assembled one each moves the device that change a knife and a knife library that can hold 32 knives. On the other hand, these machine tools can regard appropriative as 5 axes milling machine. From the design, this series machine tool can apply to the user that having demand of 5 axes milling. In addition, the machine tool still has a lot of optional an all sorts of requirements with satisfying a client. Since Mono-BLOCK series and Duo-BLOCK set milling machine are such nicety, agile,reduce installation time and fast, why is there still machine tool product in Pfronten so? In all working procedure of machine treatment, the installation time of workpiece is having conclusive effect. Installing time is to point to the workpiece that is over treatment commonly from milling machine debus hind changes new work (still need to secure normally) needs time. The Nextpage installation to reduce workpiece time, the mesa of exchangeable type job that DMU-P series machine tool returned development to deploy lathe bed of OK and direct park to go up. Mesa of job of formula of a swap is secured to be inside area of machine tool treatment by accurate ground, and workbench of another swap formula awaits those who stay outside machine to assemble and unassemble the position. Accordingly, still should be in inside area of machine tool treatment when undertaking workpiece is machined, can be in what work has on the mesa of commutative formula job outside machine to assemble and unassemble at the same time, such, when the workpiece treatment inside treatment area is finished, the automatic exchange of two jobs mesa can realize finished product workpiece and wait for treatment workpiece to be exchanged automatically. System of workbench of this swap formula has been mixed general milling machine undertook existing Pfronten combine. The series of general machining center with these stronger productivity is called " DMC-U series " . the machine tool that exchanges type workbench unit to containing, the flexibility of original general purpose machine tool still is being withheld completely. Graph 2 what wrong place shows is the machine tool is changing be located in in the process of working mesa assemble and unassemble the workbench of automatic swap formula between the position and work area changes device. From the graph 2 right in can see, this machine tool still retained quick treatment way, be like same table general purpose machine tool is same. Of company of Deckel Maho Pfronten every kinds general-purpose the identical machine tool version that the machine tool has a correspondence to exchange type workbench. Receive efficient challenge to go up to satisfy the market wider and wider product range and shorter and shorter product lifecycle requirement, the supplier must develop more efficient production facilities ceaselessly. To meet these challenges, two kinds of different techniques (5 axes milling and three-dimensional turning) was gone to by combination on a machine tool. This kind of machine tool came true to need to install clip to be able to finish the milling of complex part and turning only on same table machine tool. Standard whirl workbench is replaced by a place of high-powered steep drive electric machinery, this is special develop for the application on this machine tool, it is meant in reservation productivity of 5 axes machine tool while still increased to rotate function. The machine tool leave out of this kind of type turning produces a course. As similar as the look of Duo-BLOCK machine tool that has 800mm stroke, it also has another to be called " FD version " the product can use as milling and turning. This kind modular assorted system also makes the machine tool version that contains device of commutative formula workbench OK likewise with make milling and turning. FD version machine tool is the machine tool that the standard configures, other machine tool can be counteracted to move together in manufacturing process. Be compared and character, lesser Mono-BLOCK machine tool has an independent version to be able to be used at machining good stuff. The DMU 160FD general milling that the distance that the graph shows 3 times is 1600mm / the product of a delegate that turning machine tool is concept of design of structure of Duo-BLOCK of double form of characters or letters. This kind of machine tool can make the same score direction in upend direction and water the crossing-over between aspirant travel cutting, perhaps choose the milling on upend direction and horizontal way. All these need to hold clip only and the treatment process that need not interrupt whole spare parts. All these machine tools can contain at the same time also is the much workbench that be designed in Pfronten by Deckel Maho and makes system. Different machine tool can join rise in order to form a complete product line, control by unit of a central control, produce a complete part with a future life or hardware group, this is people often say " flexible production unit " , it will make whole production technological process more reasonable further. Traditional horizontal machining center has taller work efficiency than general purpose machine tool even, higher rate is had when this is attributed to its to implement single operation measure. However, this kind efficient be mix with sacrificial flexibility, versatility get used to ability of spare parts change to be cost, accordingly, traditional horizontal machining center suits to apply at the manufacturing situation of large quantities of quantities more. On the tradition, the machine tool of this kind of type had had a place of fixed horizontal main shaft, the sudden shift of the axis when the job can achieve taller efficiency. Deckel MahoPfronten company studied this is planted carefully the manufacturing machine tool of the type, development went two kinds of new horizontal machining center. These two kinds of machine tools are to be based on the concept of same structure of Duo-BLOCK of double form of characters or letters that is used at general purpose machine tool to design, one kind among them is to exceed high speed machine tool (if pursue 4 wrong place is shown) , use in the big batch production of easier cut material. The type that the horizontal machining center of drive of NextpageDMC H linear electric machinery has two kinds to differ can be offerred choose, these horizontal machine tools that exceed modernization used advanced steep drive technology on each axis. This kind of linear actuating device slides with the speed of highest 100m/s, assured efficient, the time that change a knife needs only 2.

5s (the knife is right knife) . Machine tool of another kind of new-style horizontal (if pursue 4 right place is shown) it is to plan to use counterpoise to machine material cutting, not easily to have the machine tool of milling. These machine tools that pack main shaft of gear case of stock big torque can be on the material of not easy milling generation is so called " blue is drossy " , accordingly, even if heavy cut and the data that process not easily also undertake can efficiently machining. The working limits of DMC100 H Duo-BLOCK is 1m3 (× 1000mm of 1000mm × 1000mm) , transverse journey is 1250mm and 1600mm two kinds of option, suit to be used at dimension very much the treatment of greater work. Large, exceed company of large machine tool Deckel Maho Pfronten to still be had exceed large machine tool. Exceed the implementation on large machine tool to be in 5 axes milling machine and milling / turning combination, retain the means of settlement of the high demand that has productivity and precision to place of Bench Machine Tool at the same time, this company undertook study to dragon door machine tool afresh. Head of conventional vertical main shaft is to be installed to be on a ram that moves up and down, and install head of general main shaft on a bridge that can move up and down in new design, main shaft head still ground of can special freely moves with the rapiddest rate of 60m/min. Graph 5 in what what show is DMU 200 P, the orgnaization of the machinery that prop up that uses its oneself journey to amount to 2000mm and solid mobile dragon raft of pontoons, this machine tool can use as the machine tool is in 5 or package moves at the same time on 5 axes, all these still maintained can go up in Bench Machine Tool only commonly ability some accuracy and stability. Although the weight of the machine tool achieved 40t, when the machine tool construction that ego supports is being installed, this still can not need any special foundation. The commutative formula workbench that general machining center has 2 dimension to be 1600mm × 1400mm respectively so that at dish body spare parts can lade automatically on the machine tool. These two kinds of machine tools have milling of a FD / the version of turning machine tool, contain a diameter to amount to the workbench of 1850mm, come back with the speed of highest 200r/min with electric machinery of a steep drive spare parts of rotary table body. The job of company of Deckel Maho Pfronten won't stay in this, because the market also has demand to exceeding bed of large scale computer. It is OK to should develop the greatest weight is milling dish of body spare parts of 16000kg, but the standard machine tool that the content that if can be installed quickly,returns at the same time is worth somewhat, so, first goal is try on 200 machine tools and test dragon door type, it is next can need not special foundation installs exceed bed of large scale computer. Be like what the graph shows 6 times to exceed DMC 340 U of large and general milling machine to contain workbench of automatic swap formula, the journey amounts to 3400mm. Although its work area is very large, also have the mechanical orgnaization that supports by oneself, but its fast feed still achieved 60m/min. Control of the fast to the knife time that change a knife is in the knife that fast feed can make the greatest weight is 30kg cutting tool 15s, make an optimized working process becomes a possibility. Design a concept by right of Duo-BLOCK structure, machine tool of dragon door type is usable as workbench of formula of general milling machine, swap and milling / turning machine tool is used. These large machine tools had been in a lot of completely different application got applied extensively in the domain, these users are made to nicety and efficient treatment is having particular demand, these machine tools also satisfied these requirements of the user well. CNC Milling