Agree accept cutting tool is in engine of Great Wall car the applied check study of the factory

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In recent years, the factory uses motor of car of Great Wall company the high speed of manufacturer of world-renowned machine tool, efficient machining center established 3 flexible machine add product line, agree with United States of world-renowned tool manufacturer offer company together, the product that combines a treatment chooses cutting tool meticulously, realizing high speed hard efficient cutting. In recent years, the factory uses motor of car of Great Wall company the high speed of manufacturer of world-renowned machine tool, efficient machining center established 3 flexible machine add product line, agree with United States of world-renowned tool manufacturer offer company together, the product that combines a treatment chooses cutting tool meticulously, realizing high speed hard efficient cutting. (1) KSCM-AluMill face milling cutter builds product line in cylinder body and crock, we will agree the planar milling treatment that milling cutter of accept KSCM-AluMill face uses at aluminium alloy cylinder body and crock lid. This cutting tool makes cutter hub composition by steeliness bit body and aluminium, weight was reduced below the premise that assures enough tigidity, and bimetallic structure also decreased to machine vibration. This cutting tool has burr of rate of tall metal purify, low treatment and tall treatment efficiency to wait for a characteristic, special apply to high speed cutting. KSCM-AluMill face milling cutter has the knife mix of 5 kinds of forms, different knife places mutual collocation to be used at thick mill and mill of essence of life, can achieve different exterior surface roughness, also can install thick mill and clip of milling cutter of essence of life at the same time, thick finish machining is finished, shorten handling time, improve work efficiency. In be being machined actually, we were chosen apply to aluminium alloy of treatment low silicon, knife of material of cutting of two kinds of PCD places the KD1415 that has lot of tall wearability, longevity and KD1420. Hardness of KD1415 razor blade is taller, comfortable at mental allowance even, the surface with consistent hardness, because this uses its at cylinder body, crock to cover the precision work of fluctuation and around surface; KD1420 knife is placed, bit tenacity is better, apply to surplus inhomogenous, the surface with abhorrent hardness, use its at rough machining. After finish machining, the flatness error of the old plane such as face of fluctuation of lid of cylinder body, crock, around face is the biggest at 0.

02mm, the smallest achieve 0.

0034mm, average flatness error is more than 0.

01mm, exterior surface roughness under Ra0.

8, treatment metre satisfies a requirement. KSCM-AluMill face milling cutter changes when the knife is placed, do axial to adjust only, do not need radial to adjust, have adjust convenient, settling time short and adjust the characteristic with tall precision, axial came true to adjust deviation to be more than when Great Wall company is used actually 0.

003mm, make cutting bear distributings to go up to every tooth equably, prolonged cutting tool life effectively. Via a few months try treatment, result of treatment of aluminium alloy of KSCM-AluMill face milling cutter is favorable. Lift mill of essence of cylinder body top, underside to be only exemple, Φ of bit body of mill of end face essence 100, Z12 (the knife places 3 clip of 9 essence milling cutter, Xiu Guang) , xiu Guangliang 0.

008 + 0.

002mm, whole solders PCD razor blade; Machine parameter: V = 2500m/min, fz=0.

12mm/z, vf = 11.

5m/min; Test specimen of the actual measurement after mill of essence of life, ra0 of exterior surface roughness.

8, flatness error < 0.

004, metre satisfies a requirement. Φ of bit body of underside essence mill 200, Z24 (clip of 18 essence milling cutter, 6 knives that repair light are placed) , machine parameter: V = 2500m/min, fz=0.

12mm/z, vf=14.

3m/min; Test specimen of the actual measurement after treatment, ra0 of exterior surface roughness.

8, flatness < 0.

004mm, metre satisfies a requirement. (2) compound treatment cutting tool is compound treatment is a when improve treatment efficiency very significant step, content of a few treatment uses a knife to be finished in be machined, decreased to change knife time, managing auxiliary time, improved manufacturing efficiency. Getting of a flight of stairs is the simplest also be cutting tool of a the commonnest kind of compound treatment, the bit that takes horny blade is the simplest a flight of stairs is gotten. In cylinder body, crock the department that cover hole is machined in, orifice needed bore treatment of horn to choose this kind of simple and easy a flight of stairs to get, obtained favorable result. For example, agree accept straight chamfer broach of a flight of stairs of TX of 180 ° vertex angle, the radial load when bore is almost 0, 4 linear first flank distributing along circumferential semmetry, oriented sex is good, hold an action that repair light concurrently, make the linearity of bore and position are spent get rising considerably. In cylinder body and treatment of department of crock lid aperture, another kind of when choose compound broach is circumferential all cloth the TF broach of 3 cutting blade, it gets core thicker than 2 blade broach, intensity is high, offsetted the weakness with hard alloy poor tenacity; Front of point of a knife is special appearance, but automatic centering, do not need machining center opening; Cutting blade makes every turn more feed increases (20m/min can be amounted to when cutting aluminium) , intensity is high, can undertake high speed cutting (when cutting aluminium highest can amount to 1000m/min) , shortened substantially thereby handling time, rose to machine efficiency, especially comfortable be versed in at deep Kong Jia, dimension precision is highest can amount to H9, positional precision is highest can amount to ± 11 μ M, ~ of surface roughness Rz20 25. In product line of Great Wall crankshaft, chose agree broach of a flight of stairs of SE of accept whole hard alloy, with broach of common high-speed steel photograph comparing has taller bore circularity, the bore circularity of high-speed steel broach is highest can achieve 20 μ M, and the bore circularity of SE broach is former 1/5 only. According to precision of appearance of this one bore, we can consider completely to discharge reaming this one working procedure, in some kind of circumstance, can replace the aperture of bore with a reamer with not high demand even (the whorl bottom outlet of whorl of for example extruding) . The characteristic of this kind of broach is horizontal blade is repaired those who grind is shorter, can reduce axial force nearly 50 % ; Auger near core before horn is be worth, cutting blade is accordingly sharper; Groovy form is parabola model, the ply that get core is bigger, broach intensity is taller, rigid stronger; Have opening of refrigeration of two fuel injection, cooling condition is good; Blade of cutting of circular arc form and platoon bits chamfer decorate reasonable, facilitate cut bits to rupture small successful eduction. This broach is used at bore of the back end before crankshaft, the result is favorable. (3) the flying development of modern industry is opposite cutting tool of narrow opening treatment appearance of the dimension precision of aperture, geometry and exterior surface roughness raised taller requirement, especially auto industry, ask high accuracy asks again namely large quantities of quantities, the narrow opening with urgent consequently efficient need machines cutting tool. Diamond reamer gets used to this kind of need just about and develop a kind of accurate cutting tool that rise. Labour waits in conduit of crock lid product line and housing washer bottom outlet, used Kennaduo blade whole solders PCD reamer; Cylinder body crock covers the precision work of fixed position aperture, used agree type of accept Bencere fission but dislocation PCD reamer, realized high speed efficient cutting, developed the property of high speed machining center adequately, rose to machine efficiency greatly. The scene is smoked actually measure partial product Ø8, Ø10 and Ø13 3 groups of aperture, dimension changes limits is in 0.

014 in, the biggest error is less than dimension precision the 60 % of tolerancepublic errand, average error is less than 0.

005mm, the exterior surface roughness of aperture < Ra0.

8. Labour used Kong Jingjia of finish machining of aperture of cylinder body crankshaft and crock lid camshaft to agree accept BencereQUATTRO-CUT cutting tool, 4 blade but installation of dislocation razor blade is in high accuracy is dentate in knife nest, dimension precision control is in μ class. Divide form of characters or letters with the tradition but photograph of dislocation cutting tool is compared, QUATTRO-CUT cutting tool needs to adjust bit radial height only, do not need to adjust bit to carry awl on the back, shortened settling time. By smoke survey a record, aperture of crankshaft of boring of essence of life. < of dimension precision machining error 0.

018mm, coaxial spends error < 0.

016mm, the smallest error only 0.

0021mm, ra1 of surface roughness < .

6; Camshaft of boring of essence of life aperture, coaxial spends error < 0.

007, the smallest error is 0.

0014mm, circularity error < 0.

002mm, < of position alignment error 0.

063, the smallest error is 0.

0148mm, < of dimension precision deviation 0.

018mm, the smallest error is 0.

0044mm. The treatment of two groups of aperture can satisfy metre requirement, try treatment up to now tired already family planning produces hundreds of, the result is favorable. (4) crock aperture and the cylinder body that crankshaft machines product line of cylinder body of company of cutting tool Great Wall to go up, crock aperture sets casting cast-iron cylinder bushing, crock aperture rough machining is the cast-iron treatment of large surplus, need cutting tool has high intensity and tenacity, used via careful consider agree accept Fix-Perfect cutting tool. System of Fix-Perfect cutting tool is a range of products that differs to losing horn to combine, its characteristic depends on: The horn before the radial that bit loses and the horn before axial, the horn before axial reduced axial cutting force, and was formed with the horn before negative radial cut action very well, facilitate bits. the horn before axial makes cutting force sides with main shaft, make milling cutter work steadier; And, the horn before negative radial can make cut work the earliest " concussion is nodded " leave point of a knife, to action is being protected since point of a knife. Bit stands outfit, the bottom of edge has stronger hypostatic bearing, increased edge strength. Surface roughness of precision of treatment of Fix-Perfect cutting tool, surface is pretty good, only is not worth even if life is too low. On crankshaft product line, main shaft neck and the treatment that around carries journal used KM tool system entirely. KM tool system agrees by the United States accept metal (Kennametal) company and development of combination of German WIDIA company, its are basic appearance and HSK are very similar, also was to use 1:1Of 0 hollow short awl cooperates and double-faced orientation way. What its main difference depends on placing close orgnaization is different, KM knife handle is locking of cant of use steel ball, the cant of groove of pull rod of edge of ball of the steel when clamp is rolled out, card is on the locking aperture cant on knife handle, to main shaft knife handle Kong La is tightened, flexibility of knife handle generation is out of shape make knife handle end panel and main shaft end panel are stuck close. KM tool system is had tall stiffness, high accuracy, fast outfit is placed and safeguard wait for an advantage simply. Try fact of test and verify, of KM knife handle move stiffness taller than HSK system. The turning that carries journal in neck of crankshaft main shaft, around used the bit of coating hard alloy such as KC9315 in treatment, there is very thick K-MTCVD alumina layer in compound coating of CVD of this razor blade, fight abrasiveness can admirable, thick KMTCVDTiCN coating ensured macrobian life, can have high speed successive cutting is slight perhaps interrupted cutting, suit to machine grey mouth particularly cast-iron or extend a gender cast-iron. In crankshaft treatment cutting speed achieves 223m/min, metre satisfies a requirement, realized high speed, efficient treatment. CNC Milling