Kennajin belongs to a company to roll out Beyond Blast™ but dislocation mill razor blade

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-- because have higher metallic cutting rate and longer cutting tool life,improved productivity, platform of high-powered cutting product is the Beyond that Kennajin belongs to a company to innovate the productivity that user of broad metal treatment promoted 30 % above. "According to different applying, spot test shows the life of cutting tool lengthened 300 % . " Kennajin belongs to Osny Fabricio of manager of company advanced product to say. Now, pass Beyond BLAST but dislocation mill razor blade, kennajin belonged to a company to be stridden again span one pace of the gender. When cooling fluid is connected in bit, beyond BLAST can be in milling cutter and bit interface place to offer cooling fluid directly when material of cutting tool cutting, in order to ensure cooling fluid is carried effectively, come loose to heat up and lubricate. Reduce attrition, the milling productivity that improves cutting to lead utmost ground to increase a business reduces production to become this meaning to need to raise rate (Sfm/Vc) lead in order to realize the biggest metal cutting with feed rate (MMR) . The intelligent application of cooling fluid is crucial. Mechanical cut can produce quantity of heat because of attrition. Below high speed cutting, cutting tool absorbs caloric speed to increase along with the addition of cutting speed. To optimize its function, must cool adequately cutting tool. Appropriate cooling fluid discharge can prolong the life of cutting tool and raise rate of the biggest significant cut. If refrigeration is undeserved, bit will warm up quickly, shorten then cutting tool life. Below a lot of circumstances, workpiece also can warm up significantly. This kind of adverse element can affect the control of finishing effect and dimension, bring about failure mode, call plasticity to be out of shape normally, cause work thereby discard as useless. Eject of traditional large dose cooling fluid does not get control and special waste. Because target place is located in cutting place,this is, and at the back of this place conceals in cutting area normally. This can not improve cutting efficiency, can produce new issue actually, it will be drossy push to cut, increase drossy attrition power and the invalidation that because relapse,cutting quickened cutting tool. The system of custom-built high pressure that designs technically in the light of this kind of circumstance (1, 000 pounds / square inch or taller) will bring about exalted installation and maintenance cost expenses. People discovered in a few major application even can offer more than 4000 pounds / square inch the freeboard system of cooling fluid. Use Beyond BLAST, cooling fluid guides through bit, the most right amount cooling fluid is offerred for both in milling cutter and bit interface place. Typical large dose cooling fluid does not get control and very wasteful still, arise counteractive drive drossy return to cut. The peak value of quantity of heat of the generation when Nextpage cutting test pattern shows typical refrigeration application to often can miss material of cutting tool cutting. The refrigeration application that rinses the drossy proof type that already formed can arise even counteractive, drive drossy return to cut, quicken cutting tool to wear away. The partial account that produces this problem is to carry the nozzle of cooling fluid to leave workpiece further. Beyond Blast can aim cutting blade and the cut part that process data. Means of refrigeration of Beyond Blast direct razor blade but refrigerative fluid is close to cutting tool more / cutting interface, return the pressure that can adjust cooling fluid. Because cooling fluid is direct bit, carry so more reliable, control more easily, the temperature that point of tangency is in also is reduced significantly. Beyond Blast can be used at turning and milling application, can improve productivity considerably in these two kinds of application. "In titanium turning test, 100 pounds / square inch the life of the bit that the cutting tool life that the razor blade of Beyond Blast mill below cooling fluid shows plays than same dose cooling fluid lengthened 75 % above. " Fabricio says. "Will assess the impact of cooling fluid pressure through disparate test, 100 pounds / square inch the life of Beyond Blast cutting tool below pressure almost with 1000 pounds / inch the razor blade below pressure is same. " the Beyond Blast that passes milling cutter and razor blade but dislocation mill razor blade and cooling fluid carried the graph on method to show Beyond Blast but of dislocation mill razor blade and the cooling fluid that pass milling cutter and razor blade carry method. Titanium (TiAl6V4) the result that milling experiments is more clear. With carry cooling fluid photograph to compare through main shaft, beyond Blast falls in proper bit form and cutting condition, cutting tool life lengthened 300 % . "Pass Beyond Blast but dislocation mill razor blade, kennajin is belonged to had a brand-new and improved turning and milling product combination, it went to the lavatory metallic treatment company undertakes upgrading to its workmanship, " Fabricio says, "This is the solution of a Plug and Play. " now, beyond Blast but dislocation mill razor blade can offer new fund KSSM45 and KSRM series of handle of milling cutter of two bedding face. KSSM45 face milling cutter is design of razor blade of quadrate Beyond Blast only, have imperial or metric, contain wide be apart from and medium span, apply to a variety of material. KSRM face milling cutter and but dislocation milling cutter is a circle only but design of razor blade of dislocation Beyond Blast, also can configure imperial and metric. Through visitting Www.


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