International commutator company rolls out series microelectronics relay

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International commutator company (IR) rolled out relay of PVY117 series microelectronics recently. This product can be replaced contain fragile the reed relay of mobile component and metallic contact, have higher reliability. As we have learned, this product and Electromechanical type relay are compared, lower to starting voltaic requirement, conduce to reduce power comsumption. In addition, the bulk of relay of PVY117 series microelectronics also is less than the Electromechanical type relay that is about to replace. This product can come true without jumpy operation, resistor of its on-state contact and involve condition electric capacity lower, equipment can test automatically in the semiconductor of low pressure and tall test frequency (ATE) with the performance with the good play in circuit of relevant electron instrument. Expert analysis thinks, the solid state structure of new-style microelectronics relay can avoid contact to wear away, can promote terminal the reliability of the product, conduce to prolong service life. In addition, PVY117 is used exceed miniature surface to stick outfit enclose, suit the application of high energy density more. CNC Milling