Cutter ring of knife of driving plane side is in the technology is being used to discuss on hob

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Of 1 cutting tool wear away contain in all on bit body of machine of the rule and TB880E of the rule that change a knife driving broken cliff cutting tool 71, among them central knife 6, number is CCI - CC6; Rolling a knife wound, number is ED / SI - ED / S62; Edge knife 3, number is ED / S - K63 - ED / S - K65; Reaming knife 2, number is RC1, RC2 according to Qin Ling 1 line takes the construction case of machine, dog the wear extent that measures cutting tool, and scale is like a graph into histogram of cutting tool wear extent 1. The course undertakes an analysis to wear extent histogram, we sum up those who gave cutting tool to wear away the rule, as cutting tool number by small arrive big, namely the position of cutting tool by inside outside arriving, the wear extent of cutting tool increases gradually, achieve to wear extent of cutting tool of date of S57 of / of ED / S56, ED the biggest, namely of cutting tool wear away the fastest, and from ED/S58 - ED / , K65 anvil is decelerated gradually again. This is by cutter spacing be by inside outside arriving, reduce gradually, and S62 of / of S61 of gigantic ED / , ED two knives are the job go up in same contrail; ED / , K63, ED / S, 3 knives job is in K65 same contrail. New knife stays in working initial stage to wear away faster, decrease letter bit body gradually photogenic adjacent cutting tool wears away hasten is smooth, present area a flight of stairs, and in date of S57 of / of ED / S56, ED appear wear away the fastest peak value. According to cutting tool wear away the wear limit that the rule and knife surround (hob is 38mm, central knife is 38mm, edge knife is 20mm) and actual construction need, our summary went out to change knife rule. 1. 1 minute of area approve S51 of / of ED of area of Ⅰ of knife combining skill - ED / S55, s17 of / of V area ED - ED / S24, s56 of / of Ⅱ area ED - ED / S - K65, s7 of / of Ⅵ area ED - ED / S16, s39 of / of Ⅲ area ED - ED / S50, Ⅶ area CCI - CC6 comes ED / S1, ED / S6, s38 of / of ED of ~ of S25 of / of Ⅳ area ED. 1. Beneficial of 2 district assistant officer shine the on any account that the knife maintains photograph adjacent cutting tool differs <=15mm, make the cutting tool on bit body transfers flowing, cutting tool gets power as far as possible balanced. 1. 3 protection ability knives are in the center of bit body area, because cutting tool span is bigger, the ED / S1 of central knife and its photograph adjacent - ED / S6 hob needs to cooperate to use, make its of every knife suffer carry balanced not overweighted. In the cutting tool of edge knife and its intermediate zone, its edge and channel central line are not parallel, have certain broken cliff included angle, get power complex, and participate in broken cliff 2 times. Intermediate zone must change when change sides knife more hob, will rise to protect the action of scraper and edge knife so, prolong its service life. 1. 4 reaming knife changes every time when change sides knife must reaming. Reaming 5 - need 6 times to change 1 times reaming knife. 1.

5 special situations shine the knife shows oil of cutting tool leakage, cutter ring ruptures bowstring is ground, be become loose to rupture by bolt of unexpected damage, cutting tool to body, block eye to fall off etc the knife must be changed below the circumstance. 2 changes are original of redound rule and the countermeasure cutting tool of the rule that change a knife wear away the rule and construction case decided to change knife rule, and of cutting tool wear away the rule is decided by bit body structure and place of cutting tool function. But existing cutting tool changes the rule is opposite apparently construction is adverse, in wear away peak value and its intermediate zone change a knife inside region jackknife is serious, and gigantic cutting tool is used up very fast. Cause cutting tool waste and IBAI time availability are low. See a picture 2. The analysis pursues 2, knowable knife quantity is changed in intermediate zone region the biggest time interval is the shortest, and change a knife to must be divided into two to change the cutting tool of this area, operate not easily, increase cutting tool to use up. Have the drawback of the rule that change a knife for the change, more get used to TBM construction, raise W fast 4 2 cutting tool change the amount is columnar the efficiency that answers construction, reduce cutting tool to use up. We conceive two kinds of idea (1) structure of change bit body, achieve a change to wear away thereby the rule and the rule that change a knife. Big, maneuverability differs difficulty of technology of this kind of method at present home still cannot undertake. (2) the function A that changes cutting tool. Change the wear-resisting property of cutter ring. The knife Lun that at present we use already was international banner level, short-term inside cannot come true. B.

Change edge form, obtain a change thereby its wear-resisting function. Two ways will come true, it is to use the cutter ring side existing to replace hob knife is answered in wear away faster area is used; Next, develop the cutter ring of wear-resisting of appearance of a kind of edge by oneself, domestic development needs longer time, but construction time limit for a project does not allow. Through studying edge knife 4 edge are compared round party of thick knife knife, wear-resisting performance is good. But where a thing can be put to best use is wider and make cutter spacing is reduced, defeat rock Cha piece is small, disappear energy consumption is more, the likelihood affects TBM advance speed. Balance advantages and disadvantages, it is good to still take its wear-resisting property this one advantage, achieve optimize the rule that change a knife, reduce cutting tool to use up. 3 experiments 3.

The choice basis of 1 trial section of cutting tool wear away the rule, the number that change a knife is maximum, wear away the fastest, jackknife changes the section with more knife is optimal trial section. (1) because central knife designs structural issue, its knife broadness never reachs wear limit, not be the consideration; (2) of hob in the cutting tool that place of low knife date belongs to a model wears away the rule, and the rule changing a knife that accords with construction need, without experiment meaning; (3) rolling knife up knife area, namely intermediate zone of the knife side we say, this area wears away the fastest, need jackknife to change a knife the more time that change a knife is the most, most frequent. This area is optimal test division. The cutting tool number of this area is ED / S51, ED / S - K65. 3. 2 undertake edge of basis of fine, analysis is opposite experimenting reaching relevant data to come solid the geometrical shape size that knife of He Zhengnong knife surrounds, falling considering the premise that does not affect advance speed as far as possible, made edge cutter ring be in the wear limit on hob. The experiment divides 3 groups to undertake in all, all change with edge knife cycle is reference. The first group, use edge cutter ring on S62 of / of ED / S61, ED only, data sees a table 1. Express 1 test data to collect a watch 55565758596061626364657.






20/1720/1716/17/1816/17/1816/17/188 of   of   of   of   of 4     .

22/1822/1819/18/2019/18/2019/18/20 of   of   of   of   of 5     notes: knife: Outside φ of the / inside φ ; Edge knife: Inside φ / in φ / result of the test outside φ , the installation course of development of cutting tool is DK69669.



55 # ~ will be changed on August 3 60 # cutter ring, will change on August 5 edge knife and 56 # - 62 # knife, course of development is DK69821.


2h. Edge knife driving 151.

5m / 127.

0h. From the watch 1 in can see, use edge knife to surround the service life of the service life that can improve edge knife only and Ed pleasant cutting tool in 61 # , 62 # only, and cannot change to the rule changing a knife of this area, cannot change namely wear away the fastest 56 # , 57# , still change a knife for two jackknife. The 2nd group, be in only ED / S58, edge cutter ring is used on ED/S62, data sees a table 2. Test result: The installation course of development of cutting tool is DK69821.


2h, will tear open on August 10 left sword of 56 # , 57 # , will change on August 17 edge knife reachs 50 # - 62 # knife, course of development is DK70004.


2h, knife of this group of edges in all driving 183.

Lm / 136.


Be in only 58 # one 62 # on use edge knife from, had made of this area change a knife to achieve 8 at the same time (the knife that contain a limit) , the well is gigantic the service life that improved edge knife, but still did not change wear away peak value. Still need jackknife 2 times to change a knife. The 3rd group, in 50#-62 # full installation thick knife, 63 # - 65 # still be edge knife, data sees a table 3. Express 2565758596061626364658.




15/201718/1510/810/810/8/1610/8/1610/8/168 of 10     .

24232113/1013/1013/11/1613/11/1613/11/168 of 11     .

28272622/1522/1520/17/2020/17/2020/17/208 of 16     .

30282723/1623/1620/19/2120/19/2120/19/21 of 17     notes: knife: Outside φ of the / inside φ ; Edge knife: Inside φ / in φ / φ outside 3 505152535455565758596061626364658.






242926261818181820182427252520/18/1920/18/1920/18/19 notes: knife: Outside φ of the / inside φ ; Edge knife: Inside φ / in φ / result of the test outside φ : Knife of this group of edges in all driving 147.


1h, from the watch the data of 3 can see, hob wears away very fast, change impossibly at the same time with edge knife. On August 20, the knife that use a side is surrounded changed 54 # - 58 # knife, can see be sent on a diplomatic mission wear away peak value position appeared relatively balanced a flight of stairs (wear away namely the value differs not quite) , will change on August 24 when edge knife, the cutter ring side use did not arrive the limit.

Can analyse from 3 groups of afore-mentioned experiments reach, mix in cutter ring of use edge of 61 # , 62# only be in only wear away peak value area 54 # - 58 # on use edge knife is surrounded reach in 56 # - 62 # use edge cutter ring to cannot change this section thoroughly wear away the rule and the rule that change a knife, but can conclude a # that be like 5l, 62 # all use edge knife country, can make of this area wear away tend balanced a flight of stairs, achieve 5l # thereby - the purpose A that knife of 65 # changes experiments 3 times this reach the mean life of knife of 3 groups of edges is 160.


7h (in Ⅳ kind country rock a sector of an area, give priority to in order to mix granite, joint relatively development person and fall in likewise geological condition, random is draw-out mean life is the knife side did not use edge knife the four seasons 3 times 133.


Accordingly group of use edge sword replaces 1h thick knife knife stays in 51 # - 65 # area is used, the service life that can improve edge knife not only and the scope of application that enlarge edge cutter ring and value and still changed some former wearing away peak value, make this area wears away balanced, be expected to change 51 # - 65 # knife, already managing hob cutter ring managing the time that change a knife, avoid this area jackknife to change a knife. 4 look into foreground to express 4 reach a table 5 showed the original rule that change a knife and use edge cutter ring are replaced the parallel case that hob cutter ring uses inside intermediate zone. Express the cutter ring of 4 new clothes of the rule that change a knife when using edge cutter ring to change a knife the 2nd times to change a knife the 3rd times to change knife knife for the first time date 50-6551-6051-6551-60... cutter ring life (M/ ) 070-80130-14070-80... the first time of cutter ring of new clothes of the rule that change a knife after expressing cutter ring of 5 use edges is changed, we can get following verdict: Changed wear away the rule, avoided jackknife to change a knife, make change knife rule more get used to construction need, managing rolling cutter ring, with the time that change a knife, prolonged the service life of edge knife, enlarged the scope of application of edge knife and value, strove for more time and benefit for TBM construction. It is with channel of 6km of TBM construction driving exemple, budgetary estimate is in 51 # - of cutting tool of 65 # area change, managing circumstance: Knife time always changes when use edge cutter ring: 6000m / (160-170m / second) =375 second - 353.

Knife time always changes when using edge cutter ring: 6000m / (130 - 14Om / second) = 46.

1 - 43 (1) managing the frequency that change a knife: 46 - 38 =8 second or 43 - 35 =8 second (2) managing reaming time: 3h/ second × 8 = 24 (H) (3) managing edge Dao Hezheng rolls cutter ring: (15 / second × 8 + 5 / second × 38) = 310 value: 310 × 3000 yuan of / = 93 (10 thousand yuan) (4) the spare time that change a knife: / of 310 × Lh =310 (H) calculate by spare time: 6km channel in all spare time: 334h of = of 310h + 24h; Its are right the influence of time limit for a project: 40 % of × of day of / of 334h ÷ 24h (utilization rate of equipment and installations presses 4O % plan) = 34. 8 (day) . Can shift to an earlier date time limit for a project makes an appointment with 35 days, but managing labour expends expenditure 40 - 500 thousand yuan, offer advantage for later period project at the same time. Press managing cutter ring computation: 310 × 2. 2m / = 682m, can 682m of much driving channel.

As a result of channel of line of Qin Ling I already be well versed in, the experiment fails to undertake complete, not quite sufficient still, perfect, gotten verdict is an abecedarian only, remain to come at farther experiment test and verify conclusion of this one technology, make its popularize application. CNC Milling