Cake bakes dish of spare parts class to enter modular improvement

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Graph 1 bake for cake dish a medium spare parts, material is 0.

The board makings with thick 4mm. Production lot of this spare parts is big, need to adopt rush to cut into parts and pull working procedure of dark take shape to machine ability to be made for many times; If take production of model of simple working procedure, needs punch facility and the amount that produce a worker can be compared much, delivery time is long, manufacturing efficiency is low, manufacturing cost is higher. Manufacture efficiency to rise, reduce manufacturing cost, pull late compound pattern to machine via analysing a decision to use class to enter, but must undertake improvement to structure of punch craft and mould. 1.

Original part of craft and platoon appearance produces craft to be: Fall makings → is pulling → of plastics of reverse drawing → of deep → reverse drawing → to cut off, in all 6 working procedure. On this foundation, decided via the analysis class discharges master drawing into the model first (see a picture 2) . Reach step pitch to make sure a makings width is changeless accurate, discharging master drawing 2 in, use means of double circle cut, twice cut is in respectively 4 direction crisscross and makings is conterminous, be in the mould is versed in 7 times on installed guide selling. The cent of working procedure flow of whole pattern punch is: Smooth → of school of → of cut → cut is pulling → of plastics of reverse drawing → of deep → reverse drawing → to fall makings → is cut off wait for working procedure. Mould structure is shown 3 times like the graph. Nextpage     2.

The problem mould that in trying a model, exists is made after finishing, undertake trying a model on 1 100kN automatic compressor, existing a few problems: ① mould sends makings not free, expect in the 1st reverse drawing working procedure hind arises bigger bend. ② sends makings step pitch to forbid, fixed position aperture is spun or be out of shape. ③ makings expect from float the emergence in selling. Ever since, although was passed a few times,improve, but afore-mentioned problems did not get be settlemented at all, mould cannot consign production branch is used. 3.

Analytic reason is the prime cause that finds generation problem, to the mould in computer working process undertook imitate. Like the graph 4 are shown is a makings after drawing dark take shape by send makings orgnaization automatically to send reverse drawing sunken model 6 upper part, upper mould be issued to lower levels, reverse drawing punch 4 reach the group that approach a limit 5 just contact draw dark take shape the hour of coping. From the graph 4 in OK and apparent discovery, continue when upper mould when be issued to lower levels, reverse drawing punch 4 reach the group that approach a limit 5 will pass pull deep coping is driven belt makings arise to bend downward locally here, curve the greatest height to amount to 28mm, until pulling deep punch and sunken model to begin the work. This can create a material necessarily here of two side direction gathers, both sides makings be pulled move, make send makings step pitch generation change, the process is here medium at the same time, discharge board 2 sell without material of surplus of bring into contact with at all 1, surplus material is sold still be in original height, the emergence in expecting next turns will make its are sold from surplus material. 4.

Settlement method is shown 5 times like the graph, press an edge to encircle to reverse drawing 12, surplus material is sold 3 undertook dimension is revised, additional increased fixed annulus 15, pull board 2, pull rod 4, pull rod bedspring 6 reach push rod 7 wait for a component. Modification method has 2 kinds, it is to increase the circular arc radius of 12 is encircled by the side of drawing pressing instead 1.

5mm; 2 it is lengthen surplus material sells the length of 3 0.

4 Mm, namely a makings is thick. The working process of the mould after improving is: Ejector pin of punching machine pneumatic has reverse drawing sunken model 13 times, make its are more than slightly highly pulling press an edge greatly to encircle 1 to pulling deep height. When upper mould be issued to lower levels, reverse drawing punch 11 reach the group that approach a limit 12 with draw dark take shape coping is conterminous when touching (the positional) that shows like graph 5a place, push rod 7 just with pull rod 4 contacts. Upper mould continues be issued to lower levels, push rod 7 will urge drag link 4 along with are pulled board 2 drop together, surplus material is sold 3 also drive a material be issued to lower levels below action of return trip bedspring. When the place that runs graph 5b place to show when upper mould, begin to undertake the 1st times turning over drawing working procedure. Right now the air cylinder pressure of punching machine wants to be able to satisfy reverse drawing sunken standard 13 reverse drawing is finished below suspension condition. After the 1st times reverse drawing is finished, the circle that approach a limit 12 with go up fixed annulus 15 joint, punch of after this reverse drawing 11 reach the group that approach a limit 12 will urge reverse drawing sunken standard compulsively 13 drop, if graph 5c place is shown, till the pattern is whole,the movement is finished smoothly. Nextpage     (1) bedspring of return trip of return trip bedspring should satisfy below 2 kinds of circumstances: When the position that ① shows in graph 5a place, return trip bedspring is in reduce position, upper mould be issued to lower levels is pulled board 2 when dropping, surplus material is sold will surely drop subsequently below bounce action. When the place that ② runs graph 5b place to show when upper mould, return trip bedspring should be loosened completely, from this paragraph of time that the 1st times reverse drawing begins to work to end, makings bottom plane is done not have how old and mobile, and surplus material is sold during this also as it happens is in suspensive condition. (2) surplus material guides covering surplus material to guide covering play height to should be more than slightly pulling press an edge greatly to encircle plane, assure to be in pulling deep begin bellwether to be being sold insert a makings inside fixed position aperture. Additional, after return trip bedspring is loosened completely, surplus material guides covering assume surplus material function, make be in the 1st times during reverse drawing job, the suspensive position that makings and surplus material sell is able to come true. From pulling deep begin a pattern in this paragraph of time that whole act finishs, surplus material is sold and surplus material guides be being covered is to be in discharge board of 8 urge actions of next the be issued to lower levels that finish. Material of the surplus when the position that begins a return trip to be shown to graph 5c place from next dead center in the mould guides covering will drive surplus material to sell, belt makings along with pulling press an edge greatly to encircle 9, reverse drawing sunken model 13 rise. If do not have surplus material to guide,covering, because surplus material is sold,be in suspensive period has been mixed pull board produced a paragraph of distance, if rely on to pull only board drive surplus material to sell rise, the floating interval of floating dock that surplus material sells presses backward Yu Zhengla greatly the edge to encircle the rise time with reverse drawing sunken model, cause hold makings lag in the palm. (3) bedspring of pull rod of pull rod bedspring must have enough compression to measure, and bounce should ambitious at return trip bedspring. Inside the whole time that the position that shows from graph 5a place in the mould rises and returns this position, as a result of the action of pull rod bedspring, pull board clingy from beginning to end lower mould board, surplus material is sold also be in from beginning to end send makings is highest the position, so can sufficient time assures to send makings orgnaization to finish send makings. 5.

The last word reachs the successful base of the mould in craft of figuration of simple working procedure, pull the mould such as the difficult time, punch, sunken model, circle that approach a limit the shape size of main part does not need to be entered in class test and verify undertakes in the model, this is the premise with successful mould. Additional, when the step that takes positive and negative to help difficult process is being designed into the model, should assure to take above all material is basic be in same plane inside, but also the fall of on any account with certain be patient of. This practice of deputy mould also proves, if take above of 10mm of surface of sunken model of cut of prep above of makings bottom plane, with respect to the regular job that won't affect a pattern; This pair of mould begins the work in the 1st reverse drawing when, guide be being sold and guide without play fixed position action, but the shape size that controls frontier group and sunken standard as a result of reverse drawing and pulling close look correlation, preform herein can search by oneself. The product that actual production gives designs a requirement via examining to also be achieved, it is better to also make the economic benefits of the factory got at the same time rise. CNC Milling