Material of stone of implementation of advanced CNC technology is accurate cut

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Introductive: Today, advanced CNC solution is crucial to stone material treatment, undertake to stone accurate linear or facilities of treatment of curvilinear cut requirement is a few more accessary special function. Company of ó of Maquinaria Canig of manufacturer of aircraft of cut of Spanish stone material hand in hand Beijialai established system of a CNC jointly, this system needs measure of a few operations to be able to have various cut to stone material only. The height of CNC system is flexible the machine solution that the control idea that turns feature and human nature makes HTO-XALOC-R of machine of cut of new-style stone material becomes to have appeal extremely. The main advantage of this machine is reflected in, equipment has cutty to debug time and a few more accessary special function. Height is flexible the CNC solution that change the machine concept that to come true this innovates, all component in controlling a system to need pair of existing facility undertake conformity, offer height flexible the CNC system that change is controlled with optimizing motion. The striking distinguishing feature of this cut machine is, the figure that brand-new knife head can become stone material cut special standard (wait like sharp cut, curve cut) , whole process can use all of computer science department to come true. Shellfish of have the aid of adds Lai software, the operation experience of the knowledge that machine operator does not ask to have G code side or CNC equipment. "The implementation of the CNC system with flexible height is too important to us, it makes our equipment can finish various accurate cut jobs, " Jordi Daranas of manager of technology of Canig ó company explains. Besides executing typical G code order, the system still must have ability of much axle control to be controlled in order to achieve all sorts of different exercise with machine function. Through synchronism coming true between G code interpreter and control software, great majority locates by PLC operation synchronous the G code interpreter that transmits course setting. Be in semi-automatic in changing operation pattern, need not be written or generate G code to be able to run standard program, the appearance that operator can differ through the choice implements the cut of all sorts of standard stone material easily. Bei Jialai Power Panel offerred an user interface that special human nature changes, suit operating system of Windows XP Embedded very much, the user is OK and direct all sorts of form are designed on this Control Panel, after that all cut motion is carried out by systematic operation. The whole system that contains safe function moves in compact model on high-powered X20 CPU, this CPU can undertake controlling to system of 5 axes CNC, exchange in order to realize fast data with Safety CPU and interconnection of ACOPOS servo driver. Canig ó uses Bei Jialai Automation Studio to regard process designing as the tool, shortened significantly of machine of stone material cut debug time. Reduce 50% wiring cost to be in today's equipment manufacturing industry, shorten " Time To Market " and reduce equipment to make cost appear particularly crucial. For this, the decision uses the engineers of company of Maquinaria Canig ó to be designed in the light of motherboard of long-range I/O connective. Because of POWERlink communication bus line simplified athletic system wiring, so wiring cost can be reduced 50% . Brief introduction of company of Maquinaria Canig ó : Establish time: 1981 employee number: Address of 65 people company: Banyoles (Spain) product & serves: Develop and make network address of machine of stone material cut: Www.


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