PVD coating aids force mould to make reach application

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Production is periodic precision of long, treatment is tall make mould cost high, at the same time good mould is in treatment product process should can ensure product surface quality is superior. Technology of rational application finishing in order to gain face of high accuracy mould, it is the requirement that improves product precision and exterior quality. What compete as automobile industry is increasingly intense with economic atmosphere increasingly abominable, the attention that car spare parts produces manufacturer opposite to produce cost is spent grow day and day. What the spare parts produces cost is very big one part comes from the cost at industry pattern, and the mould is among them a very important part. Because the mould produces cycle to grow, treatment precision is tall and cost is high, so manufacturer home always is hope mould service life can enough long, at the same time good mould is in treatment product process should can ensure product surface quality is superior. In numerous finishing method, PVD coating is the first selection method that solves above problem undoubtedly. From the angle consideration of cost, a few what expenditure holds mould cost only in the investment of PVD coating, can get life is mixed however by the remarkable promotion of character of surface of treatment spare parts. Compare with photograph of traditional means of exterior heat treatment, the exterior hardness after general PVD coating wants tall multiple to tens of times above, this makes the mould life that treats through PVD can be on original basis rise multiple to tens of times above. Look from the angle of service life, the cost of the tool gets very old rate reduce. As a result of mould life rise, because the machine changes mould and stop opportunity is right produce can the influence also is reduced greatly. General PVD coating because itself characteristic, its coefficient of friction wants far be less than common metal stuff. For example, the exterior coefficient of friction of the metallic data that passes exterior polish is in commonly 0.

9 the left and right sides, and PVD coating material is in to the coefficient of friction of rolled steel 0.

1 ~ 0.

6 between. The mould that lesser coefficient of friction makes classics PVD is handled is in treatment process with be chafed to reduce by the surface of treatment spare parts, character of spare parts surface is far good the part that produces at doing not have the mould place of coating. Cromastar and Ticastar coating machine the characteristic of the industry in the light of car spare parts, astral arc coating rolls out product of two kinds of coating: Cromastar and Ticastar. Cromastar is with CrN (nitrogen changes chromium) the coating that is a foundation, and Ticastar is with TiCN (azotic carbonization titanium) the coating that is a foundation. The basic characteristic of these two kinds of coating is to have very tall hardness (Cromastar: HV2500, ticastar: HV3200) with inferior coefficient of friction (Cromastar: 0.

1 ~ 0.

2, ticastar: 0.

2 ~ 0.

3) . These coating apply at metallic thin plate (ply <10mm) punch, change the cold consummate form such as the turn very good result got on the mould. The advanced sex of its oneself equipment and craft mixes the superior performance profit from of Cromastar and Ticastar uniqueness. Harmful grain crosses big, coating in the coating that the buildup of astral arc coating magnetism accused deposit of cathode arc technology to solve deposit of place of technology of other electric arc well coarse wait for defect, coefficient of friction is far 0 under congener product.

8. What this one character can leave the state of horniness coating surface that uses deposit of different technique place from scanning electron microscope is apparent distinguish and see (see a picture 1) . The coating surface of deposit of traditional place of electric arc technology is rough pitch is obvious taller. On hardness adjustment and control, astral arc coating applies dc bias voltage and bias voltage of pulse of high frequency high pressure faultlessly to be united in wedlock each other, the hardness of coating is taller than market level hardness, ensure on application the condition of coequal coating ply falls thereby, the durable extent of coating is more remarkable. Graph the Cromastar of coating of arc of star of circumstance of surface of 1 different coating and Ticastar differ characteristicly as a result of its function, choose to also be distinguished somewhat in what use a field. The coefficient of friction of Cromastar coating is low, chemical stability is good, coating is weaker to the affinity of major material, wait in treatment stainless steel, galvanization so agglutinant when bigger board, mould surface won't be stuck sticky the material that goes up to be machined, mould and spare parts all can maintain smooth exterior quality from beginning to end inside service life limits. The hardness of Ticastar coating relatively left and right sides of HV700 of Cromastar coating tower above, this one character makes its are mixed more forcedly in treatment good character is had when thicker material. The pattern that application builds with making car vent-pipe is exemple, the main function of this mould is figuration of the drawing that fold a turn, the coating that can choose includes common TiN (nitrogen changes titanium) , TiAlN (nitrogen changes aluminous titanium) wait with Cromastar. Because TiAlN is right of material agglutinant bigger, very easy generation is stuck by treatment material sticky the issue that affects product quality thereby on the mould, do not choose TiAlN so. If this mould does not do any exterior PVD processing, in use process, every mould is average punch 100 spare partses, operation personnel must undertake to the mould polishing is handled. If mould surface undertakes TiN coating is handled, mould service life can obtain 5000 parts. If undertake to this mould surface Cromastar coating is handled, this life value will increase 7000 parts (graph 2) , produce can rise greatly, and inside limits of whole service life, need not undertake polishing to the mould artificially. Graph 2 moulds face is different coating service life is comparative and additional, graph 2 in shows life state is to be aimed at a mould last time the life data of coating. Actually the another character of Cromastar coating depends on: Coating is when service life end, can adopt the method that has strip to coating, the surface leftover coating purify besmears again at the same time with new coat, such strip, the craft of coating can repeat 5 ~ 6 times, so the life of actual and primitive mould wants outclass not the mould of coating. From what use place actually to obtain data can see, using the benefit that PVD coating place brings is very apparent. Select coating kind correctly, can make same a mould gets most exceedingly good play in the function on cost and life. On this one application, cromastar coating is best choice undoubtedly. Coating of epilogue star arc has capacity of large mould coating alone, for car spare parts manufacturing industry added the way of a finishing again. Produce the characteristic of the industry considering car spare parts, the PVD coating equipment of astral arc coating can handle the part with larger size, the largest mould size can amount to the mould mold insert of 150mm of × of 500mm × 200mm, this one ability solved the to large mould PVD inside the industry to handle demand greatly. CNC Milling