V is advanced production technology and the application in aviation industry domain

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V (Forging And Pressing) is to point to the peen that uses v equipment to go up, anvil piece or mould to make to metal blank Shi Li its produce plasticity to be out of shape, formulate the production method of the forging of figuration account measure and constituent function qualification. V is the main component of aviation manufacturing industry, belong to category of craft of material engineering hot work. Forging applies in aviation industry domain extensive, basically use at making plane, engine bear to hand in change load and the crucial part that center load and important part. Be like the casing in plane airframe, bridge, landing gear, connect, in engine dish, axis, lamina, annulus. Uses metallic data basically is steel of structure of alloy of alloy of aluminium alloy, titanium, high temperature alloy, extra high strength, stainless steel wait. The 20% ~ that the spare parts weight that forging makes holds weight of plane airframe structure about the 35% 30% ~ with engine construction heft 45% , the function that is decision plane and engine, dependability, life and socioeconomic are important one of elements. Accordingly, each industry developed country takes technology of development aviation v seriously very, and the technical research and development of the upper reaches related to this and downstream industry catenary and construction of form a complete set work, take the development of aviation forging and production seriously. The development of technology of v of our country aviation and progress, accompany those who follow a republican aviation industry 58 years to grow closely expand process, in production factory of plane of plan and construction, engine while, corresponding ground planned the material that covers suitably with its and forging productivity, the aviation material institute that established 1956, it is our country pursues technology of aviation material, hot-working the earliest (incorporate v technology) the special orgnaization of research and development. Up to now, the productivity of material of our country aviation and forging, the need that the lot that can have satisfied airplane of the 3rd acting military and its engine produces. CNC Milling