The mill technology of circuit board CNC Milling is analysed

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Next the construction that the mill technology of circuit board CNC Milling includes to choose method of knife direction, compensation, location method, frame, knives are nodded. It is the important facet that makes sure mill machines precision. When walking along method of knife direction, compensation to cut plank when milling cutter, have by the cutting blade that cutting face always is prep against milling cutter, and the cutting blade that always going against milling cutter additionally at the same time. Former, be machined the face is bright and clean, dimension precision is tall. Main shaft always is clockwise roll. It is main shaft no matter so fixed workbench moves or be the CNC Milling that workbench secures main shaft to move, when the exterior outline of mill printed board, want to use anticlockwise direction to take a knife. What this says normally namely go against mill. And circuit board interior uses suitable mill means when mill casing or chamfer. Mill board compensation is to be in how does bed of mill board opportunity illuminate set value automatically to make milling cutter automatic the half of the milling cutter diameter of the set of central deflection place with mill tangent road, namely radius distance, the appearance that makes mill is cut and program set keep consistent. If the machine tool has compensatory function to need,note compensatory direction and the order of use program at the same time, if use compensation order,wrong meeting makes the appearance of circuit board is equivalent to the dimension of the length of milling cutter diameter and width much or less. Location method and method of fixed position of spot leaving a sword can be divided it is two kinds; It is decided at the higher level but not officially announced, 2 be outside fixed position. It is very important also that fixed position makes staff to craft, should define the program of fixed position when road board early days makes the line commonly. Fixed position is current method inside. Alleged decided at the higher level but not officially announced it is the installing hole inside choice printed board, insert batch of aperture or other is metalloid change aperture to regard fixed position as aperture. The relative position do one's best of aperture is on diagonal and pick the hole of big diameter as far as possible. Cannot use plated through hole. Because of the film inside aperture the difference of ply can affect the consistency that you pick fixed position hole, taking at the same time board when cause the with aperture surface brim film damage inside aperture very easily, below the condition that makes sure printed board locates, pin amount has healed less more. General small board use 2 pin, big board use 3 pin, its advantage is fixed position accurate, board the appearance is out of shape small accuracy tall appearance is good, mill cuts rate fast. Its defect board inside all sorts of bore diameter sort need to have more neat the pin of all sorts of diameters, be like board inside without aperture of practicable fixed position, when in advance is made need and client are discussed in board inside increase fixed position opening relatively, relatively loaded down with trivial details. At the same time avery kind of board mill board pattern plate is different management is relatively troublesome, cost is higher. Fixed position is method of another kind of location outside, it is to use in bat exterior the fixed position opening that increases fixed position aperture to serve as mill board. Its advantage is facilitating management, if in advance makes the word with good standard, mill board pattern plate is controlled in 15 kinds commonly. Cannot cut board mill so as a result of the fixed position outside using, otherwise circuit board damages very easily, especially makeup, because milling cutter is mixed,meeting general bat takes aspiration device to cause circuit board attaint and milling cutter to break off. And use section mill to cut the method that takes combinative place, first mill board is become after mill board was over, the program pauses next will board secure with adhesive plaster, the 2nd paragraph of executive program, use 3mm will combine a dot to be gotten to the broach of 4mm. Its advantage is Xiaoyi of pattern plate little expense at management, but mill is cut all board inside the circuitry that does not have installing hole and fixed position aperture board, small technologist management is convenient, especially of the in advance making personnel such as CAM make but simplification, can optimize the utilization rate of base material at the same time. Because use bit,defect is, circuit board appearance stays have at least 2 - 3 protruding start is not beautiful, the likelihood does not accord with a client to ask, mill cuts time to grow, worker labor intensity is largish. Frame reachs those who issue a knife to nod frame to make is attribute circuit board in advance make, frame is designed not only wait to eletroplating uniformity influential, be opposite at the same time mill board is influential also, what if design bad frame to be out of shape or be easy when mill board,produce an outfit with small part is small abandon piece, of generation abandon a meeting to jam aspiration canal or the milling cutter that touch high speed to rotate, frame is out of shape locate finished product board is caused to be out of shape when mill board external especially, what additionally next knives are nodded and machine ordinal choice is good, can make frame carries the rate with the greatest the rapiddest strength. Of the choice bad, frame is out of shape easily and make printed board discards as useless. CNC Milling