How to choose radiator of power semiconductor device correctly?

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The radiator of the semiconductor device of basic basis electric power that the radiator of basic principle ⑴ that one radiator chooses chooses chooses to want integrated foundation thermal resistance of case of bear of the dissipation power of parts of an apparatus, parts of an apparatus, contact thermal resistance and cooling medium temperature will consider. After the requirement of close firm force should make parts of an apparatus and radiator are assembled, ⑵ parts of an apparatus and radiator have good hot contact, must have appropriate installation force or installation moment of force, its value gives out by manufactory of parts of an apparatus or standard of parts of an apparatus, when assembling, answer to abide by the range that does not exceed a regulation strictly. The rated and cooling condition of ⑶ radiator from cold radiator: Environmental temperature had better not prep above 40 ℃ , the radiator when installation ala piece should perpendicular decorate, fluctuation end panel cannot have hold back, so that there are environment of favorable air nature convective and channel all round radiator. Wind cold radiator: Control of entrance air temperature is under 40 ℃ , the entrance carries wind speed to had better achieve 6 meters / second. Water-cooling radiator: Entrance water is warm not prep above 35 ℃ . Discharge should heat up need of total quantity of heat and decision of difference in temperature of design of water of pass in and out according to coming loose. The integrated consideration that ⑷ chooses radiator chooses what radiator should consider radiator integratedly to come loose parameter of limits of heat energy force, cooling means, technology and structural characteristic, a kind of parts of an apparatus looks from technical parameter only, the likelihood has two, 3 kinds of radiator all can satisfy a requirement, but should combine cooling, installation, current exchange and economy to consider integratedly to choose. The 2 common method users that choose radiator are right of radiator choose the actual cooling condition when answering to work according to parts of an apparatus, circumstance of load of firm, transient state, consider safety factor appropriately, do not exceed parts of an apparatus by stable state top job ties is lukewarm will consider. The voltaic weaveform that ⑴ works in circuit according to parts of an apparatus and guide current flow angle, decide the power comsumption when parts of an apparatus works: Brilliant brake canal guides in random current flow angle falls guide knows power comsumption formula is: CNC Milling