The milling of difficult treatment material and auger cut treatment

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Current, reduce plane weight this one target is making aerospace industry use more and more special type data, for example alloy of composite material, titanium and chromic nickel ferroalloy. Compare average data, weight of this kind of material is lighter, intensity is higher, but machining a respect, especially milling and auger cut a field, they have different treatment difficult problem severally. Mix in milling auger in cutting treatment, normally cutting tool of use whole hard alloy mixes aerospace manufacturer / or cutting tool of integral high-speed steel. In process of this kind of treatment, manufacturer must reach top quality level as far as possible -- this often is mixed through closely monitoring safeguard craft security to come true. Although existence is right of spare parts cost be anxious, but fall in most circumstance, producing perfect part is the item of first consideration, and raise productivity to be in minor position commonly. Of machine tool of have the aid of and cutting tool can forecast performance, aerospace manufacturer do one's best realizes craft security and consistency. In cutting tool respect, aerospace manufacturer must have the milling cutter that can provide the life of accurate cutting tool that agrees almost completely and bit. And, although they know the material service life of cutting tool, also can wear away completely in cutting tool before, machine tool of in advance arrangement changes cutting tool. Profit from machine tool and cutting tool technology, alloy of composite material, titanium and the material such as chromic nickel ferroalloy cannot have been machined almost from in the past, development arrives nowadays aerospace manufacturer can the phase of confident efficient treatment. Bring much better craft is controlled and the technology of a kind of cutting tool of consistency is advanced tailor-made whole milling cutter and broach. This kind of cutting tool is the treatment difficult problem that overcomes this kind of material only and development. Through conformity a variety of innovation sex film are mixed groove, deserve to be mixed with advanced processing technique method, these tailor-made cutting tool can provide craft security not only, and can raise manufacturing efficiency and yield. Milling composite material. Carbon fiber enhances composite material (CFRP) treatment develops flourishingly in aerospace industry. However, as a result of this kind of material very wear-resisting and Jiang Ren, because this uses groovy milling cutting tool hard,undertake machining. In addition, still must prevent to happen when treatment statified (namely, ) of each depart of carbon fiber layer. Through using hard, sharp and the milling cutter of integral hard alloy that uses special appearance film, can answer these challenges easily. Technology of commonly used two kinds of film is deposit of physical gas phase (PVD) and deposit of chemical gas phase (CVD) , still have diamond of much brilliant of material of a kind of advanced cutting in addition (PCD) . PVD film belongs to physical craft, include nitrogen to change aluminous, nitrogen to change chromium and nitrogen to convert titanium film, its diamond pyramid hardness is about 3000. The hardness of the diamond film that forms through chemical craft CVD about tower above 3 times above, reach order and degree of 10000 diamond pyramid hardness. PCD cutting tool uses integral PCD piece, these PCD piece can secure matrix of integral hard alloy to go up through cupreous solder. From groove model in light of angle, efficient composite material cutting tool uses low helix angle to reduce material piece force of axial of the susceptive on the layer, happen in order to prevent statified. In addition, the efficient chamfer that the cutting tool that has left helix and right helix at the same time also is treatment composite material. This kind of cutting tool is called to compress cutting tool normally, when side mill, they can direct cutting force to the center of workpiece ply hand-in-hand travel is compressed, in order to maintain a layer in good condition nondestructive. Not only such, chamfer of this kind of cutting tool still be helpful for composite material of cutting of more agile ground. Although compress cutting tool,be a kind of commonly used method, but company of advanced cutting tool developed hill to have different new chamfer (like double helix) compress cutting tool. For example, hill is tall developed two double helix of this kind of type to compress cutting tool. One is the multiple-cutting-edge tool that has flowing cutting blade. Another has less where a thing can be put to best use, can provide the larger space that cut bits, and there still is bits chamfer on its cutting blade. The 2nd basically is used at rough machining, and the first multiple-cutting-edge tool that does not have bits chamfer can provide good finish machining performance. With respect to processing technique character, the cutting parameter of composite material depends on normally all sorts of material oneself. The typical rate of the cutting tool of integral hard alloy that is used at composite material is 150 M/min about, and feed rate is about 0.

07 Mm. But want to notice, in this group of material, used a variety of different types stick receive a dose, and every kinds stick the rate that receives an agent to need to differ severally and feed rate. These stick the speed when the melting point that receives a dose decides cutting composite material normally and feed rate. In addition, fiber content and fiber way are right also treatment craft (rate of decision cutting speed, feed and method of optimal cutting tool) having distinct effect. Titanium alloy. In aerospace industry, titanium alloy uses at 3 to use a field basically normally: The low temperature of plane structural member, reaction engine paragraph component and landing gear system. A kind of commonly used titanium alloy is 5553, belong to close - β photograph alloy, use at making landing gear normally spare parts. TiAl6-4 belongs to α - β photograph alloy, it is one of titanium alloy data with the most extensive application, apply to production structural member especially. Your titanium alloy is machined hard, have inferior machinability can main factor is the element such as its inferior heat conduction function, taller adhesion sex and treatment sclerosis. Titanium alloy has low thermal conductivity, this means the quantity of heat that produces in cutting process to conduct cutting tool in, is not the bits that be cut take away from cutting area. The tall adhesion sex of titanium alloy is meant cut bits to often can be stuck on cutting tool, thereby generation pole cuts bits longly, is not a hope more easily of eduction shorter cut bits. When sclerotic function can be being machined, the treatment of this material happens, bring about material surface to appear as a result of the pressure effect that machines generation thin thin sclerotic layer. What although can be used,suit to process a variety of data is general-purpose cutting tool of integral hard alloy undertakes machining to titanium alloy, but the cutting tool of those in the light of the fabricating characteristics of titanium alloy special designs can provide more outstanding treatment result commonly. This kind of special cutting tool has admirable property, but when handling a variety of different material, its versatility may be poorer. For example, hill has the high-speed steel that designs for titanium alloy and stainless steel only in expensive program (HSS) cutting tool. Jabro®HPM(high-powered treatment) the partial cutting tool in series also is to be the specific data brand such as titanium alloy to design only. This kind of cutting tool used special slot model with the design, suit to machine titanium alloy particularly. Groove include with the design 40 arrive inside; of 50 degrees of big helix angle between cold passageway, can make cut bits to won't be stuck to edge to discharge bits quickly, still conduce to the pitch with not equal; of cooling cutting area at the same time, oscillatory; can decrease to spend hard alloy and nitrogen couple of photograph of aluminous chromic film in cutting deep course high. Did not use nitrogen to change titanium, this can prevent chemical reaction produces between cutting tool and material. A few specific elements can decide is cutting tool of use whole hard alloy or use HSS cutting tool, and main factor is cutter hub diameter. When the cutting tool that when application the circumstance asks to use smaller diameter, when workpiece geometry when form is very complex, or if need to be cut greatly deep (when Ap) , should use cutting tool of integral hard alloy. To the big batch workpiece with inferior complexity, if ask to be cut greatly wide (Ae) and cut greatly deep (Ap) , suggest to use HSS cutting tool. When the old-style and traditional machine tool that uses tall torque and high horse power, also should consider to use this kind of cutting tool. Chromic ferronickel alloy. In aerospace manufacturing industry, spare parts of chromic ferronickel alloy normally very costly, it is the cost of material itself not just, still include the time that spends to produce them before entering treatment phase. After the treatment that had had several hours counting a day even to them, if the spare parts discards as useless, can bring break tremendously. The place of certain likeness exists between chromic ferronickel alloy and titanium alloy. But with respect to machinability character, chromic ferronickel alloy (alloy of nickel radical high temperature) the material that is the most difficult treatment. They have extremely low thermal conductivity and sclerosis of extremely tall meet an emergency, even alloy of prep above titanium. Chromic ferronickel alloy still has tall adhesion sex, because this is being used at the tradition machines a method, cutting speed can exceed 25 rarely or 30 M/min. The cutting tool chamfer that is used at machining chromic ferronickel alloy with the chamfer that is used at titanium alloy treatment model have very big different. Chamfer of chromic ferronickel alloy have very steep hind horn. This kind of chamfer but the contact that utmost reduces cutting tool and material. This are crucial, because chromic ferronickel alloy has plasticity and tall memory sex, this means it to be able to be in be curved a little when the active force of cutting tool. Accordingly, the osculatory time of cutting tool dip and material is longer, the abrasion of cutting tool happening is bigger, and its service life is briefer. To reduce cutting tool and the attrition between chromic nickel ferroalloy further, hill Gao Cai used nitrogen to convert aluminous titanium film. This film already undertook polishing, have extremely flowing and careful surface surface roughness. The alloy of titanium of method of 4 kinds of treatment of the JC840nextpage titanium alloy in treatment and chromic nickel ferroalloy and chromic ferronickel alloy have 4 kinds of main processing technique or method. The first kind is conventional treatment, this method need seeks a balance between the Ae of 1x1 and Ap. That is to say, treatment is used cut completely wide (1*Dc) , certain cut deep (most greatly cutter hub diameter 1 times) lead with average feed. The 2nd kind of method is high-powered treatment (HPM) , this method needs to use the cutting tool that is titanium alloy and design of chromic ferronickel alloy only, for example the HPM series cutting tool with tall hill. These cutting tool are being used cut deep Ap (greatly most greatly 1.

Move below 5*Dc) and the condition that cut wide Ae completely. A large number of metals can be excised inside short time, promote productivity thereby. The 3rd kind of method is tall feed treatment (HFM) , the axial of this method use minimum is cut deep Ap and cut wide Ae completely, because this is cut wide for 1 * Dc. The chamfer of specific cutting tool that this method uses can lead cutting force machine tool main shaft to go up, because this applies to circumstance of the following application especially: Because cutting tool is dangerous stretchy with complex application (if deepness is the chamfer of 5 * Dc and above) and cause not stable treatment operating mode. Method of the 4th kind of treatment is high speed treatment (HSM) , this method uses quite low Ae radial to cut cut greatly with huge Ap deep. Because radial is cut deep relatively inferior, because this has lesser osculatory arc, this conduces to the quantity of heat that reduces the generation inside cutting area (because engage time shorter) , allow higher cutting rate to undertake compensate and improving productivity thereby. The development of machine tool and cutting cutting tool makes these methods are able to come true. For example, the chamfer of HPM cutting tool with tall hill have special character, be like helix angle of not equal pitch, bent, this provided necessary stability for high-powered treatment method. In tall feed and high speed treatment, the ability that these methods rely on a machine tool normally and cutting tool chamfer. Greatly, machine tool and the specific data that cutting tool needs to coordinate the job to satisfy aerospace manufacturer machine a requirement. Correct machine tool and correct cutting tool must be had. This is in tall feed and high speed treatment particularly such, this kinds of treatment needs to have the machine tool that tall feed leads not only, the CNC that still needs to be able to handle the larger order related to tall feed and treatment of high speed milling and NC document accuses. JHP770_&_JHP780 is gotten cut composite material. To aerospace application, the bore in composite material must complete, be patient of is interfered and do not affect follow-up component to machine working procedure coarse or tatty fiber. Composite material gets two when cut common difficult problem is material statified did not cut off with fiber, be in especially the back side of workpiece or export side. Get when cutting, the active force of cutting tool presses material downward, stand by export side as broach, too large active force can bring about broach to be squeezed curtly broken (is not to get cut) the last part of aperture. The result can cause composite material fiber coarse or wear away, is not clean ground cutting, bring about material thereby statified. To overcome these challenges, the feed active force that the horn getting a tip that cutting tool company differs through be being used on broach and helix angle will come to reduce broach to bring to bear on on material as far as possible. Should notice, generation of chamfer of a few broach meeting and other bit photograph compare smaller feed active force, performance is more excellent. For example, the 140 degrees horn that get a tip (the most commonly used at broach of integral hard alloy) getting when cutting composite material, suit to get very much cut many hole. But unfortunate is, want cutting tool to become blunt to be able to lose effectiveness only. Depend on the hard metal of whole of C1 diamond film that is used at processing composite material broach, shangaodi offerred to have two part that get a tip (the center is 130 degrees of horn, broach is 60 degrees of horn on horn) groove. When treatment, the intermediate dot of broach is exited from aperture extreme first, the partial data of cut away aperture.

Such, when 60 degrees of parts are exited, broach crosses the feed active force of material to be able to decrease significantly. Accordingly, material is statified and not the fiber of cutting (if have) the meeting is fewer. Besides broach of film of 2 blade diamond, hill still was composite material high to develop awl of a kind of distinctive 3 blade PCD head chamfer. Chamfer of broach of this kind of new-style PCD working requirement and broach of standard composite material are identical, but its effect is better, because its cutting blade is more (3 blade) . Broach has sharper cutting blade and every change the line of production unripe feed active force is smaller, retreating Kong Shi especially. In addition, compare with diamond film photograph, this broach has complete PCD to get a tip, below most circumstance cutting tool life can be lengthened amount to fourfold. Titanium alloy. In aerospace domain, most aperture is very small. To be less than 1 Mm, the biggest the diameter that does not exceed 20 Mm, broach of integral hard alloy uses extensively at titanium alloy and chromic nickel ferroalloy auger cut a field. Like milling titanium alloy, in getting the quantity of heat that cuts craft generation to also enter cutting tool easily, is not to be being cut take away inside bits. To solve this one problem, broach chamfer have very sharp cutting blade normally. Normally, because need very sharp cutting blade, the bit that is used at titanium alloy does not have film. Additional, film can increase attrition on certain level, increased quantity of heat to generate. More important is, after treatment material can contract. Accordingly, get the need on body bigger pour awl. Chromic ferronickel alloy. Because chromic ferronickel alloy has very strong abrasion and sclerotic sex, the efficient broach chamfer that is used at this material accordingly basically with the broach chamfer that is used at titanium alloy model identical. But, this broach chamfer added film, so that increase wearability,reduce attrition. For example, tall use nitrogen turns mountain titanium aluminous film will protect its broach of chromic ferronickel alloy prolongs service life. When getting alloy of the ferronickel that cut chromium, need uses inferior speed and feed, because this data is harder, more hard cutting. Alloy of as chromic as milling ferronickel is same, getting when cutting, the cutting function of this material also can produce effect. In aerospace application domain, the hole depth of component of chromic ferronickel alloy does not exceed 3 XD normally. Film is raising aerospace to get cut craft security and productivity respect to producing crucial effect, company of advanced cutting tool devotes oneself to hill to control and master the processing technology of broach cutting blade it is weller to obtain all the time. All sorts of significant change that adopt film (if nitrogen melts titanium aluminium) with the control to cutting blade, hill already can leave high give out but will get cut speed and feed rate to promote the broach of one times. The meeting is right in the future existing chamfer undertake more transforming, with improving broach performance further. These a lot of little change have the help in technology of current and advanced machine tool to next ability come true or turn into only likelihood. The aerospace manufacturer that undertakes millions bore works every year has delivered their view to on these tailor-made broach. Conclusion should process the challenge sex data that encounters at present in aerospace industry efficiently, the key is to achieve complete treatment solution, is to acquire a product not just. Complete cutting tool solution includes necessary slot not only model with the design, still include to use project support. The substantial knowledge of personnel and experience and advanced product photograph are united in wedlock, can form a complete solution to achieve ideal result. Security has spare parts quality and craft to be specific applying only on requirement at hand (no matter be alloy of alloy of composite material, titanium, chromic still ferronickel) and the optimal cutting tool of the design. But, this cutting tool must from can and the supplier place that is willing to offer cutting tool to operate guidance is gotten, in order to achieve best performance. Designs to make full use of to be tough aerospace material now only advanced cutting tool, teach and grooming is crucial. CNC Milling