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Kennajin belongs to milling cutter of new-style Z-Plunge milling cutter is for steel of aviation industry, mould and current treatment design. Unique design raised his to discharge bits function, apply to treatment opening slot especially, this kind of new-style milling cutter raises manufacturing efficiency to be able to be as high as 30% . Every razor blade has 4 cutting blade, economy is good. before bigger feed also can be offerred while form of chamfer of horny razor blade reduced cutting force. Cooling fluid can pass the nozzle of interchangeable cooling fluid of 9 kinds of different specifications to carry, because this can use the machine tool at much. This kind of new cutting tool has threaded coupling, columnar power, cover type 3 kinds of forms. Dimension is mixed to 160 millimeter for 32 millimeter 1.

250 to 6.

00 inches. Bit is had grind make and accurate agglomeration two kinds of configuration, and different capable person gets used to different workpiece material character. Agree of accept but the Dennis McNamara of global product manager of dislocation razor blade says " these cutting tool improved cutting performance at the same time the charge of every cutting blade also was reduced " . In addition, kennajin is belonged to still roll out groom brand-newly means. No matter be in personally when, He De can undertake grooming through getting online directly, agree video of application of product of take in the fresh-take in new Party members helps a client effectively get newest knowledge and concept. If you desire understanding of in more detail agrees product of take in the fresh-take in new Party members, have fun at attend groom, please with accept is sold or agree connection of agency of accredit of accept each district. Add: Kennajin belongs to company Kennametal Inc.

(NYSE: KMT) it is the supplier with a banner whole world, its product includes component of the cutting tool that uses in producing a course, project and advanced material. The company uses knowledge and advanced technique through output, the demand of high level in satisfying a client to apply in material. Make the client wins outstanding economic gains get one's own back, promote the client's competition ability thereby. The product range of the company is very wide, covered apply to mine industry from aviation, use a product to wildcat from man-made joint, arrive from machine of turbine pressure boost autocycle spare parts. This makes agree offer company can make outstanding contribution to the value catenary of its client. The client is annual from agree offer company purchases even more the product of 2.4 billion dollar and service (all these are we spread all over 60 many countries / about 1 of the area.

Place of 350 thousand outstanding stuff made contribution) , among them the sale of about 50% comes from the area beyond the United States. CNC Milling