How to use CAM software correctly in high speed treatment

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In high speed treatment, feed speed revolution of fast, main shaft is tall be apparently the phenomenon that everybody sees. The high speed of current main trend machines revolution of equipment main shaft to exceed 20 thousand already generally to turn, higher probability is achieved 60 thousand turn or 70 thousand turn above. Actually from the every tine cutting of the cutting tool in cutting process the capacity looks, the quantity of every tine cutting in high speed treatment and groovy treatment are basically similar, possible even smaller. Be this kind of high speed rotates below the premise of cutting tool, just have the possibility that high speed feed realizes. In process of high speed cutting cutting tool and material contact the cutting mechanism when, and how to choose right cutting tool stuff we do not discuss here, what we pay close attention to is how to set treatment parameter, make machine program can satisfy high speed to machine the requirement of equipment namely, can achieve the goal of efficient treatment again. Above all we see high speed in treatment, need a few issues of the attention. About machining used cutting tool, usually, every tool supplier has a few to apply to the special cutting tool that high speed machines and broach shell; Because main shaft high speed rotates, the dynamic balancing demand of cutting tool is higher. Cannot satisfy high speed to rotate the cutting tool that next dynamic balancing ask is forbidden use in high speed treatment. Different cutting tool material is machined in what treatment differs material when, the parameter such as rotate speed of feed speed, main shaft also has difference. The machine tool in process of high speed feed is inertial need gives consideration, this also is the place that differs with groovy treatment, want to ride a bicycle cannot turn of abduct right angle is same, in high speed treatment, corner office needs special attention. High speed machines what can reduce a hardware to be out of shape, but not be to do not have a spare parts to be out of shape exist, accordingly, the spare parts is out of shape also is an issue that needs attention. Additional, want to notice the power curve of machine tool main shaft changes, just do not start level to undertake cutting in main shaft as far as possible, affect the service life of main shaft. Next we see high speed machine equipment to be in of process designing respect answer a solution. With manual process designing mix at will differ neatly, when use CAM software undertakes process designing, cutting tool method is generated automatically according to the process designing parameter of set, the setting because of parameter of this relevant process designing especially important, this also is the article emphasizes the content that should elaborate. Graph 1 graph 2 basises are chosen to machine cutting tool suitably by treatment material. To just contacting the bottleneck that a the most difficult breakthrough is for the person of machining, because of technology experience accumulate finish impossibly inside short time; Machine in high speed not all-pervading today, same also pose the technologist that a lot of have experience, the experience that because be before in groovy treatment,accumulates is not applicable. How to solve this problem? We can seek the solution in CAM software. Because CAM software regards the tool that the computer has assisting production as platform, the computation of computer of OK and sufficient play and data hold generous dominant position. The CAM software of the mainstream has an expert system, in machining process designing process, this system can provide a few helps. Can see in the interface below for example, software was offerred but the library of cutting tool material of augment and by treatment material library (graph 1) , in process designing process, once make choice of material of some kind of cutting tool and by treatment material, expert system can give out to machine parameter accordingly (graph 2) ; These data are a basis cutting tool and union machines experience actually and be come to by the physical function of treatment material, the fortune of this hard-earned makes full use of in should be being machined. Additional, different tool supplier also can be an user to offer a few reasonable treatment parameter in the light of its product, can draw lessons from in treatment. The cutting parameter that in be being machined actually, we once had used also can input expert system in, be able to save as what experience data makes and accede. In high speed treatment, when using CAM software to undertake process designing, appearance of generated cutting tool method is crucial, ask to reduce the happening of extreme inverting not only. At the same time the requirement considers the laden case of machine tool main shaft, must start completely in main shaft semifinished product material is cut again after reaching top rotate speed. In process designing process, CAM software often achieves afore-mentioned goals through setting of a few parameter. It is for example in CAM software, the parameter option that has horny ministry to handle way normally (graph 3) , the cutting tool method that assures to be generated automatically thereby won't appear the circumstance of take a sudden turn. Model in antrum treatment, cutting tool method is passed " the smallest radius " parameter assured to form spare parts surface most outside radius of side round horn won't is less than assign a value, and part of more than makings passes intermediate purify " ministry of horn of high speed treatment is optimized " parameter makes sure round horn transfers, is not inverting of take a sudden turn. There still is special attention in the process of treatment antrum, cut fashionable choose helix to guide as far as possible, is not to swing cutting tool guides semifinished product. Because swing in cutting tool,the need in the process changes cutting way, we do not wish to see this. Proper extension of cutting tool after guiding the distance still can rise to ensure main shaft is started completely, cut by the effect of treatment material. Graph below the 3 conditions that allow in the condition, had better be in of semifinished product outside inverting, inverting hind cuts semifinished product again. Inverting of take a sudden turn affects machine tool life not only, and influence treatment comes out the geometrical precision of the spare parts; If the graph is shown 4 times, the pointed horn appearance of the appearance handles the control of parameter in horny ministry, can guide cutting tool to derive semifinished product, change from the side outside semifinished product next guide again backward. Means of this kind of outward turning guiding changed treatment way not only, and what can assure spare parts appearance is accurate. The horny ministry that CAM software offers handles means to be able to solve this kind of problem, whether can be these parameter functions used reasonably in the process that the key depends on setting treatment parameter. Graph 4 treatment spare parts is out of shape a lot of project technology personnel had brought tremendous trouble; Machine add a process to be out of shape the element is compared mediumly much, in high speed treatment, the quantity of heat that cutting process produces is cut for the most part bits is taken away, is not in transferring work, go, accordingly, can reduce heat effectively to be out of shape. In groovy treatment, because suffer the effect of the cutting force on cutting tool radial, can arise " let a knife " phenomenon, if carelessly, also can bring spare parts figure not accurate. In high speed treatment, volume of every tine cutting is relatively minor, can reduce the effect of radial cutting force effectively; But not be to mean can reduce cutting dosage blindly, rotate in cutting tool high speed in the process, cutting tool cuts a spare parts to be able to arise shake, the negative effect that because cutting tool shakes,brings is bigger instead; Accordingly, in high speed treatment, often use increase radial to cut deep, the kind that reduces axial cutting deepness will reduce cutting tool to shake. In process designing software, it is commonly through increasing step pitch, the kind that reduces cutting increment will come true, see the graph is shown 5 times. Graph 5 graphs 6 finally, we will look how to prolong the service life of cutting tool effectively. Use the expert system of CAM software, setting reasonable treatment parameter is a when assure cutting tool life significant step. Return the service life that can use contrail of a few special cutting tool to lengthen cutting tool at the same time. Pursue for example contrail of 6 shown cycloidal treatment cutting tool are OK according to cutting tool laden case adjusts cutting tool method, avoid state of cutting of cutting tool excess load effectively, can prolong the service life of cutting tool. High speed machines medium a few concepts to be accepted easily perhaps, but how to fall in CAM software environment, implement these concepts in process designing process, need the commonly used function of software of everybody control CAM not only, at the same time need notes the setting of a few special parameter in software. High speed treatment imposes kind as a kind of machine that compares popularity currently, also be to include the category in CNC Machining, software of current a lot of CAM is not special machine equipment for high speed custom-built, but the process designing job that basically can finish high speed to machine, how the key is applying it at us. Note: The system of process designing of intelligent numerical control that the software environment that involves in article develops for company of system of British method project - EdgeCAM. CNC Milling