Model elegant demeanour: Write down Wang Chunyan of limited company of day forge compressor

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Wang Chunyan, director of workshop of numerical control of limited company of day forge compressor, a drive of be apt to that takes from university campus " foreign horse " expert of numerical control machinery. 2000, 2002 year are elected as Tianjin city twice model worker, received in glory 51 labor medal of countrywide 2003, chinese machinist job is excellent 2003 workshop director, received in glory the whole nation 2004 title of advanced female worker. Honorary title is old to Wang Chunyan will devote the praise and honor of numerical control career. Domesticate of soldier in charge of pack animals " foreign horse "   women plays the leading role   2000, the numerical control workshop that world travel loan builds nearly 70 million yuan is formal put into production, the famous brand machining center of the two worlds top-ranking level that recommends with 60 million yuan among them, automation rate is extremely high, size range of pipe bent exceeds big, bearing be in 150 tons of above, mastering these two equipment as soon as possible is urgent affairs. Just be promoted to be the Wang Chunyan of workshop vice director, instigate bravely to develop big heavy-duty compressor to make contributive difficult task for the country. The Wang Chunyan when attending a college ever had read equipment major, study going abroad, time is very short, just trot along on horseback view is beautiful, acquired thing is finite. These two equipment should master in short time adroitness not simple. Chinese character of accompanying documents neither one, can rely on him interpreter only data and fumble practice, to only she of ability of B class English is a not small challenge. To make clear a program is mixed develop a kind of function, she often translates a document in the evening, search a data to be nodded to late night just a little, go up again by day machine experiment. Year young the child is not considered on, household thing put down gave a sweetheart. Each is busy by day, each not the night of Mian, "Ocean horse " low before her " high head " , she operates these two facility adroitly eventually. It is the reference in making other employee is being operated and application, she uses off hours compose quadruplet is close of 30 thousand words " process designing manual " , make everybody was accomplished can use, can maintain, can eliminate minor failure, from now on, this workshop assumes a business 80% above are big heavy-duty a machine treatment task, and these jobs needed tens of renown workers to be machined in ten model equipment in the past, also make machined quality to go up a big steps leading up to a house, reached world advanced level. Complete member do tackle key problem dig go achieve company of compressor of benefit day forge to be in standing of soldiers of file leader of industry of domestic hydraulic press for a long time, loading technology of national hydraulic press innovation, overtake international is congener the product is advanced historical important task of the level. Wang Chunyan is on the foundation that mastered equipment adroitly, guide everybody to initiate concussion quickly, want variety to these two imported equipment, should quality, should level, want beneficial result. Treatment is vivid must want to search first, a few tons workpiece searchs special difficulty and between take time, she guides everybody with great concentration studied the coordinate system of equipment, development yield results in work do not need to search strictly, should input a few to live only the program of a status of as accessibility as the opposite data between milling head treatment, solved work treatment searchs this one first issue, improved work efficiency greatly. On four sides slide block of drawing of face of 45 ° inclined slideway is key of hydraulic press nicety. Machine it to need to search so hind work an one side first, falling to work for one side of fiducial one side with this again, should measure ceaselessly corrective. She guided everybody to study deeper the process designing technology of one pace, development gives the order that makes one of second outfit block treatment to survive, improved manufacturing efficiency not only, also rose to machine precision. T chamfer treatment is had in machine treatment quite workload, take up equipment time grows, cutting tool loss is big. On the foundation that she and everybody were observing carefully to foreign product T chamfer machines a method, break a tradition to machine a concept, innovated T chamfer machines a method, make work efficiency rises 1.

6 times, cutting tool loss is reduced 30% , year can reduce 180 thousand yuan than finished cost. Innovation of this one technology includes Tianjin city worker gain of 100 technologies innovation, achieve product of domestic machine tool to machine banner level. Come a few years, the enterprise has 6 kinds of new products or fill country blank, or create an industry most, win award of achievement of innovation of award of progress of Tianjin city science and technology or technology of Tianjin city industry. Have the throughout the country the world top-ranking machining center with peerless area of rare, China north, cannot do v product only with it, still answer to increase benefit for the company, this is her working principle. Name of admire of a client comes round to recourse machine a reducer casing, above the coaxial large hole of 2 meters of diameters has two pairs. The client spent time of 3 many months to run largely therein the country also did not find the manufacturer that can machine. After she and everybody discuss resolutely received come down, guide everybody to pledge from material, appearance, deserve to wait for a respect to considered to abstained the cutting tool, time that does not use to finish the job again, achieve for the company receive many yuan 40. They this undertakes on large structural member - 2m coaxial exceeds what round hole machines big diameter high accuracy to tackle key problem achievement, be chosen to be technology of Chinese mechanical worker to innovate outstanding achievement. Come a few years, she develops equipment potential, can oneself machine take out anything but, pull what others cannot machine come over, produce the investment beneficial result of equipment adequately. Outside decreasing not only assist defray many yuan 300, outside still be being created for the enterprise assist income many yuan 720. Esteem knowledge breeds person drive talent to do contributive king Chun Yan to know very well, want to make advanced equipment sufficient produce effect, rely on a leader to be no good, rely on personnel of a few technologies to also be no good, need a batch of outstanding talented people with its form a complete set. She pays attention to training qualified personnel. Make the workshop into study organization hard, numerical control workshop is for the most part some just walked out of a school gate before long the technical secondary school is unripe, rational talks knowledge, lack practice experience. She is passed begin technical race, make machine tool of young worker numerical control main knowledge, worry bit, use the numerical control such as pair of Dao Yi, process designing to operate basic skill to get rising. She supports staff study to take advanced courses, every speak or sing alternately goes out of study, give qualification of convenient, exam gives on time award. Come a few years, the workshop had 6 people to obtain record of formal schooling of above of three-year institution of higher learning in jockey of 13 machining center, 5 people are being received only or receive only this. She notes put sb in a very important position very existing talent. It is to establish drive and tie mechanism. Every season has democratic appraise sth through discussion, give to the employee of be among the best of candidates commend award, to be in end give the processing that reduces post salary coefficient to fall into disuse even, lashed employee is strenuous up. Right end is in in appraise sth through discussion, give enthusiasm is helped, accordingly neither one employee is washed out. 2 it is to bring up a person to use up its the environment of ability, living when employee an outfit card, cutting tool is chosen, there is innovation on skill of parameter choice, process designing, she can give enthusiastic support and award, the operation method that who formed in the workshop is advanced whose glorious good atmosphere, carry close build, do tackled key problem the self-conscious action of every employee. She is good at digging a talent. The company changes before making, the outstanding achievement, dab hand that still is appraised to be senior worker technician is gained in having contest of technical ability of industry of blueness of a Ceng Zaiquan country. As a result of all sorts of elements, flow reachs other industry. Her ask ab. to take up a resposible post repeatedly goes to his invite applications for a job workshop and appoint with important task, ask him when technical adviser, technical difficult problem is encountered to ask him to give an idea in production, think way; The worker grooms, the thing of training match gives his full-fledged member is responsible. Her mix cordially accredit, make this senior technician felt the presence of oneself value, express absolutely won't again " run away from home " , and having usinging two machining center to captured backbone effect is produced on a series of technology difficult problem. CNC Milling