Aimakeli type lathe VT 2

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The market analyses a personage to point out, become more and more efficient as new-style transmission system, the market demand of electromotor will increase considerably. European Union committee also makes clear expression to give its to wish scene: Before 2020, new-style electromotor will replace the small effect motor that uses in auto industry and other industry currently. For the car manufacturer that will hold market commanding elevation to trying to pass innovation and outstanding product quality all the time, what should develop a trend to mean? Axis kind treatment gave out the answer: Want to ensure more efficient ground makes complex part, must put the emphasis on the machine tool that makes these parts. The group already developed Aimakeji one is aimed at electromotor axis kind a made professional solution: Full automatic lathe of VT 2-4 vertical. The birth of this lathe makes the axis that industry place advocates kind treatment implementation spans type innovation. Make the newest and directive opinion that create about electromotor according to the European Union, of system of numerous and dynamoelectric transmission can effect is in the promotion of 30% will get inside a few years henceforth. This initiated tremendous market opportunity for electromotor manufacturer. But, challenge also subsequently and come, component needs more efficient production program not only, the design of contemporary electromotor returns what form component part to electromotor to make raised taller requirement. Aimakesalahe general manager of machine tool limited company is ancient doctor of accept of much · black case (Guido Hegener) the explanation says: "We understand all challenges that need to face in the production of electromotor core component. One of challenges are an axis kind a made quality depend on its to machine a machine tool greatly. In batch production, must assure shorter bide one's time time and inferior manufacturing cost. But the flexibility that must assure production. "Automation makes bide one's time time is shorter dust the experts of mark had been in its develop a solution on VT 2-4 of car of 4 axes handstand, the rod that is used at 63mm of the the longest 400mm, biggest diameter kind treatment. When large quantities of quantities are machined, advantage of this machine tool is showing: It can offer cutty bits to be opposite bits time, ensure odd a production cost lowest. Its use workpiece clip to will wait for treatment component to convey to undertake machining to the machine tool, the reassume after treatment is finished answers workpiece. According to the component different, fluctuation makings time even can short to 6s-8s. Guido Hegener complement says: "Below the environment that produces in batch, so brief free time can save a large number of time for whole treatment process. Still assured to produce the efficient sex of the process at the same time, because of the machine tool very big one part energy is to be in bide one's time time uses up. "Practical turning technology (main shaft rotate speed achieves 6000rpm) also conduce to implementation cutty cycle time. Axis kind between a main shaft be been in by perpendicular clip and rear push frame, undertake machining from two side, two tool carrier match 12 knives respectively. Knife it is OK to go up installation lathe tool and driven knife (among them a knife be held by workpiece clip) . Machine to milling (if keyway is machined) , the machine tool is optional outfit Y axis. The perpendicular alignment of workpiece ensured abiding treatment integrality, of unobstructed cut bits shedding to avoid to machining area to cause cut bits to accumulate. Multiple choice, a of economy of truly economic space production critical factor is the external dimension of the machine tool. To VT 2-4, because vertical design won't occupy too large space, lathe base can be accomplished very small. The person that production plans does not need to provide additional raw material or of finished product component store space, because VT2-4 itself has these functions. This machine tool can do stand-alone to use, also can regard complete set as product line. Guido Hegener explanation says: "We had developed a very compact production system, this system has high flexibility, can answer what did not come to upgrade demand " . Can this one concept have the advantage that fast bits machines to bits and vertical opportunity of how many market? Dr. Guido Hegener says: "The applied range of this system is very wide, be in especially electromotor axis kind an application in production. The machine tool that we provide can make the user realizes the treatment process of high demand, save cost in great quantities at the same time. Undoubted, of this machine tool high quality can get test and verify oneself. Of this machine tool high quality can get test and verify oneself.. CNC Milling