The research and development of TG emery wheel and function experiment

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In recent years, new energy industry rapid and arisen, wind cable industry regards new energy resources as one of industries, also more and more suffer people chase after hold in both hands. According to relevant data statistic, china already became report of the biggest wind to hold machine market 2009, installed capacity is added newly 13.

75kMW. Generate electricity in wind report in equipment, the most crucial part joins namely the gear case at the back of blade, it is having wind energy and electric energy transfer function. Once gear case malfunctions, a string of 1 equipment tears open gear case from the altitude of 60m above since hire 200t class only come down to be cost tremendous. Because equipment of this wind phone produces business,put the gear cutting of gear case in Chongzhongzhi to weigh. Home produces the bibcock enterprise of wind report gear case to already exceeded 10, factory of a few small-sized gear cutting is periphery these bibcock enterprises are done outside assist, this industry grows every year with the speed of 100% since 2006, produce the level that can have reached 6500 at present. Mode of gear cutting of wind cable industry is ground for figuration, it is the means of a kind of grinding with highest efficiency. The machine tool that figuration grinds the place in treatment to use all comes from the grinding machine of 3 old brands that Germany imports: Hofler, niles, gleason Pfauter.

Initial stage develops in wind cable industry, abrasive of holy dagger class grinds a characteristic that grinds in the light of figuration, the emery wheel that uses SG of corundum of pottery and porcelain was offerred for the user can achieve lead Qw average than cutting the emery wheel of 4, satisfied modulation of client computer bed to end to realize the demand that batch produces immediately namely. As the flying development of wind cable industry, the output of gear case also grows increasingly, although the amount of roll flute machine is in twice ground every year to expand, but procurement cycle slants long, often need one year longer even, if where,the treatment on existing roll flute machine gives more gear is the key that produces business consideration. Have more very person not hesitate heavy gold imports emery wheel from Germany, in order to improve grinding efficiency, assure crop. Import on the high side of emery wheel price, date of delivery grows is relatively common phenomenon, research and development a kind new, the product that function can improve 50% above is urgent affairs. Through understanding, the client buys machine of a roll flute to want to spend 1000 yuan of 10 thousand RMBs about, if according to than cutting rate Qw is worth the grinding condition of 6 (the efficiency that compares a level rises 50% ) , probably two years can disinvestment. This number is very inviting, purchase emery wheel to go up namely floriferous the money of 50% , very little is simply for the yield compared with the machine tool. Holy dagger class is brand-new the as it happens of TG emery wheel of research and development can satisfy a client high-powered to domestic emery wheel the manufacturing demand that leads than cutting. The efficiency of roll flute emery wheel is led than cutting with a parameter (Qw) will assess, the emery wheel unit that its meaning is unit width grinds the metallic amount that divide inside time. Abrasive of holy dagger class is ground inchoate the average Qw of SG emery wheel that roll out is 4, the average Qw of German entrance emery wheel is 6. Holy dagger class is newest the value of Qw of TG emery wheel that grinds in the light of nowadays gear figuration can be achieved 8 taller even, already was approbated by Hofler grinder factory. The development development of emery wheel of new product TG regards a kind of new-style pottery and porcelain as abrasive, TG shows strip structure, compare with other abrasive photograph, have sharper cutting blade and higher material purify capacity, and the fire damage that can reduce the generation in grinding process effectively, promoted workpiece surface quality, suit to emphasize very much efficient the circumstance of treatment, be ground in gear especially and best result can be produced on heavy-cut grinding. The abrasive of TG emery wheel is more expensive, its bond is more special also. From 2009 3 ~ in July, full inside 5 months, deserve to compare through abrasive finalize the design, bond is adjusted, each complex and formidable job such as experiment of grinding of sample trial-produce analysis, lab, abrasive of holy dagger class grinds the emery wheel that provide TG to be in eventually the middle ten days of a month will reach client hand in August in. Figuration of gear of experiment of function of TG emery wheel grinds whole grinding process to divide 4 level, the first phase (kibble 1) because gear passes heat treatment surface,existence is out of shape, so emery wheel is not successive contact in grinding process, normally the data of this phase rises and fall bigger, nonfeasance judge basis. The 2nd phase (kibble 2) had been in stable grinding phase, also be the level that can reflect grinding efficiency most, normally with the Qw of this phase the value reflects the grinding efficiency of emery wheel. The grinding parameter that the half essence from the back is ground and essence of life grinds is basic and identical, for the sake of achieving the surface roughness of gear surface and tine photograph precision, also cannot increase feed and stroke rate at will. Can see from the result, kibble phase is ground in figuration, function of TG emery wheel behaved Rodden to raise one times than inchoate SG emery wheel, at the same time tower above Germany imports emery wheel 50% . Gear does not have burn and crackle, surface roughness achieves a requirement. Grind from abrasive of class of dagger of the emperor end 2009 after rolling out emery wheel of this one TG to the market, got very good feedback, outside offerring roll flute for bibcock enterprise especially assist civilian battalion unit, their roll flute machine a day of 24h keeps working, the TG emery wheel that has efficient grinding property gets their welcome. Holy dagger class worries the leader that has an industry as world abrasive, a large number of capital are invested every year on research and development, with the whole world at the same time more than 10 top-ranking schools undertake cooperative, with the innovation abrasive that its roll out ceaselessly, leading industrial development from beginning to end. To emery wheel research and development, abrasive innovation is an among them component only, the company still can be mixed in bond undertake innovating on workmanship, can roll out the product that fits Chinese industry to expand demand every year. 2010, the NORTON below banner of holy dagger class (Rodden) the brand greeted 125 years of celebration again. Its huge success already profit from its the innovation spirit of hundred years brand, also rely on the support of broad user and drive. NORTON (Rodden) will continue the ceaseless investment that its get on in technical research and development, accelerate the development of new product, continue with Chinese associate hand in hand in order to promote the rapid development of Chinese industry. In future 5 years, wind report gear case of China makes an industry still will grow with rapidder rate, not only the demand of new energy resources because of Chinese itself, still have the order that comes from Europe and United States at the same time, although foreign land is windward electric field already hasten is mature, but maritime wind electric field just just begins. Shenggebannuodu TG emery wheel will be accepted by more and more gear grinding users, the biggest change improve manufacturing efficiency, the report that it is wind the development of gear cutting course of study make a contribution. CNC Milling